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I was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer on June 3. I have finished my chemo treatments and now the radiation onolcologist wants to do 5 weeks of radiation with 5 treatments a week. I am so scared to say yes and so scared to say no. I have only heard the hard stories from the people I have talked to. Maybe I can get a more balanced view here. Looking forward to meeting you



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Hi Net

Welcome to this site. I have had a few decisions to make during my journey and always found this a great place to get answers to help me make those decisions. You will find the members here very knowledgeable and also very supportive. Their answers are from personal experiences and not just some statistic. I'm sure other's will be along and provide their comments to your questions. I am also from Canada as well as a few other members here. I think one was originally from Regina.

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Hi Netlynn. Bruce is right, I grew up in Regina and currently live in Victoria. Radiation for me was a breeze and I had 30 treatments of it, day after day. Some people do suffer a bit though, fatigue, rash at radiation site, and trouble swallowing. From what I have read though most recover for the most part within a couple of weeks. But the fatigue from radiation I was told can last for up to a year. I do get tired now more than I did before this diagnosis, but that is from a number of things. Compared to chemo, I think radiation is quite mild in terms of side effects, and nothing really to be scared of. Side effects can be managed quite easily and they will look after you well while you are going through the treatments. I was checked on by a doctor every week even though I was absolutely fine. I also found that exercising during treatments really helped me feel great. Best of luck to you in your decision.


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Hi Netlyn,

I'm so sorry that you had to find this sight, but at the same time I'm glad that you did. You will find a lot of encouragement and insight on this site.

I too have small cell lung cancer. I am almost 1 year from diagnosis. I just finished 6 weeks (a total of 33) radiation treatments on this past Monday. Compared to the chemo they were a breeze. I did experience burning of the esophagus, and some burning of the skin, but all and all it was the easiest part of the whole process to get rid of this dreaded disease.

As you will hear from others on this sight, sclc responds well to chemo. And the radiation will help to get rid of what is left after the chemo. Try not to be afraid, we will all be here for you.

You will be in my prayers, if I can help in any way just pm me.



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I had the same radiation treatments 13 years ago, only I did 6 weeks worth. I had minor side effects during my treatments, a little hard to swallow for about 8 days. I also have a good friend who is a SCLC Survivor now for 8 years and she had chemo and radiation too. She is STILL cancer free today and she not sorry she did any of the treatments. She also did PCI which they should offer you too. I'd be more afraid of the cancer then the treatments. But that's me!! :wink:

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