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Darrell Rinker is a 5 year survivor..rem rinksgal


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I don't know how many remember my husband. His name is Darrell Rinker.. Well he is a cancer suvivor.. I don't know for sure if 5 years is a cure or not. I remember early on reading or hearing that somewhere.. Well at that time him and I were not married but now we have been married 4 years.. and he will be cancer free as of October 2008 five years.. We have been together 10 years in March... I truely believe my husband being alive almost 5 years later is a miracle.. He will be cancer free 5 years in Oct... He was staged a 3 B and I truely believe in prayer and miracles.... and I believe in a possitive attitude too! I have stood by his side through so much and I really truely didn't think he would still be here.. but he has almost made it to 5 years and his last treatments was 5 years ago.. with no signs of cancer of any kind in his body.. For some reason God has spared his life and he is still with me.. I thank God everyday for his life and for his gift that he has given me.. This is the first year that he went a year with out any testing.. and it really worried both of us.. but hes clean once again! I feel so lucky to have him by my side everyday! God has blessed my life with this man and has allowed him to stay with me. I pray to God everyday that he has been cured and I thank him for what he has given us.. Darrell is everything to me and my main goal in life was to help him live and to do whatever I could do to see that this happened.. I've heard a cure is 5 years but I don't think we will ever let our guards down and feel totally safe.. I think it will always be in our minds and worries.. No matter what God has given me 5 more years with this man and I am so very thankful for that!!

I hope and pray for all of you that is sturggling and feel that its hopeless...but don't give up because my husband is living proof that there is always hope.. If my husband has made it this far so can you! So just keep a positive attitude and never give up because we never know what Gods plan is for us and our loved ones! I wish all of you the very best of luck and my prayers will always be with all of you that are going through this horrible battle with Lung Cancer.. You can beat this.. Just don't give up!!

Our first grandson was born in April and its a miracle that Darrell is here to love and know him.. His name is Kyler.. Hes such a blessing in our lives!!

My prayers are with all of you!!

Love To All Of You!! Rinksgal (Christy (Reese) Rinker

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Hello Christy,

Your story is certainly one that gives encouragement. Thank you for telling us about your blessings.

May that continue, and may both of you enjoy many years wonderful years together. Congratulations on your new grandson. :D

"Attitude, Spirituality, Support and Hope"....always,


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I do remember, Christy. If YOU rememeber I found your update and sent you a PM a LONG time ago. You used to show up on my Buddy List. Not any more though?? I'm so pleased for you both. I wish you many more hears of health and happiness together. Thanks for offering such hope to everyone here.


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