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It was another one of those days. Dad was really depressed, anxious and in pain. He is more distended, has more yeast infections, more swelling. His claustrophobia is worse. They tried to get him up today and he went to his knees. I had a long talk with the nurse and she talked with the Dr. We are going with Hospice and take him home. We got his pain meds increased. Dad wanted a catheter and he will be getting that. They are going to do a swallow study to see why he is so full. The Dr. thinks the cancer is throughout his abdomen and maybe his brain. I was wrong about his diagnosis date. It was July 18 not June 27. June 27 he went to the Dr for something else. It has only been 7 weeks.

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Hospice came in today. We were going to take him today, but the Dr.wanted to wait until Monday. They are arranging for all the equipment. Dad has a small temperature tonight. He thought he owned a hotel. His bowels are incontinent now. He says this is no way to live and his pain tolerance is way down. He doesn't want to live anymore

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