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Fridays Air


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Since I am first here I get to start it is cool and rainy here good day for sleeping in BUT...... Gotta go to worka dn make money to pay for soaring gas prices YUCK!!!!! almost $4 since yesterdays 3.60 prices. Ike is driving up the prices already!!!!

Ike..... If you are in Texas be vary careful and extrememly safe. THis storm is bigger in diameter than Katrina was!!!!! and remember Katrina affected states further north than just New Orleans!!

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Good Morning!

Cloudy and somewhat...muggy? hard to tell... its sort of warm, but its damp. No big plans for today. I am helping my neighbor move, but thats about it! Matt is gone until Sunday, so I am staying in tonight and hanging out with the kids. Maybe we will invite some friends over for a movie night.

Stay safe friends in the path of Ike...


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Morning All-

Muggy here and it started to rain last night - a nice, slow, steady rain altho it is supposed to rain now til Monday!!! Joe will be so happy - no cutting the grass or closing the pool this weekend!!!

I read on the internet that now they are telling people in Houston to just hunker down and not leave for fear of people getting caught in their cars. I hope thats not a mistake. My prayers go out for all those in the path of Ike.

Hugs - Patti

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Morning all! It is still morning altho 11 am here. We moved out of our friends' backyard "field" further north to my cousin's house. She and her husband live right down from the old farmhouse where we all grew up and her sister and husband live right next door. My one sister lives on a parallel road a good piece back from the road we are on. She's right next door to the house we built years ago. We and my older sister (living in Arizona) are the renegades. We lived in Key West for one year, five years in Pemberton (not too far from here), on the back road 3 1/2 years, then lived in and around Kutztown for twelve years. We're heading there for a visit from here on Sunday.

Traded the deer, the groundhogs, wild turkeys and more species of birds than I can remember for a few sparrows. We are still in the country but much closer to civilization. Good news, my internet is better here.

To all you techies out there, my "Assistant" on comcast keeps trying to load and trying to load--forever. When I put my pointer on it, it says "toggle to close." What's that mean? I tried clicking, double-clicking, nada. With it trying to load, I can't open my email box. Whatever, I'm here saying good morning.

Have a great day.

Judy still in New Jersey

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Hi All

It's crazy here at work. Our IT guy and our CFO got in a bit of a tiff yesterday and the IT guy was fired because he swore at our CFO. Well before he left the building he had enough time to sabotage and change codes and passwords in the system. This has directly affected the orders e-mail and production departments. SO UNPROFESSIONAL!!!

Stay safe all those in the path of Ike. Both of my step daughters live in Houston and they are just watching and waiting for now. No immediate plans to evacuate.


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Hey everybody. It's still hot here, but not much chance of rain for a few days. I tell you what though, there must have been something in the air today. Maybe that front that's keeping Ike away made everyone crazy at work! Lots of bickering and fighting! I'm pretty glad to be home where the furkids are just happy with food and some scratchin'. :lol:

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I am still wondering about Will. Has anyone heard from him? I doubt that he has his house livable yet and here comes Ike and it looks like he will get another pretty good hit from this one.

My daughter called this morning. They had high winds and squalls all night in Southeast Louisiana. She said there had been a bullletin and the leeves down the bayous were already being washed over. Wind blew hard enough last night that it blew open a sliding glass door that they forgot to lock. Didn't have plywood on it because Gustav ripped the plywood off of two of her doors(She has five sliding doors on her indoor pation) and pulled to bolts out of the brick that they needed to fasten them on with.

I just hope those people in South Texas who stayed behind in dangerous places are going to be alright and I hope no one else is harmed trying to get them out of danger because they were too stuborn to go in the first place :!:

I was where they were already trying to evacuate some people off of roof tops in Galveston ahead of the storm.

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