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Hi Deserthorn. Check out the healthy/living nutrition forum on this board. Upon my diagnosis I focused even more on healthy eating and started walking more and going to the gym to use the treadmill. I sailed through my first line treatment and attribute exercise mostly to how good I felt thoughout. I even did the treadmill on chemo days. I think there is a ton of benefit to a healthy lifestyle to help fight cancer and in general. Lung cancer HATES oxygen, so get out there and suck as much in of that as you can. Hope you are having a great day.


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Have you looked over our Index Page here at LCSC?

Here is ONE of the forums you might be very interested in.



Nutritional information, exercise, therapies links and newstories that may be beneficial to health and survival. No advertisements.

Moderators Joe B, CaroleHammett


Good health habits are just plan good no matter what! In this journey, we rule out NOTHING! What ever works is our moto!

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Desertthorn, I didn't breeze through chemo or even continue to work out until into my maintenance schedule. But then Sandra is MUCH MUCH younger than I lol. But I have been told that I handled chemo as well as I did because I was so healthy when I was diagnosed. I ate well, exercised regularly and drank lots of water. I used to joke that I was really very healthy, I just had lung cancer.

Judy in Key West (now in VA)

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I have a mixed view on this. Nutrition/exercising your way to "beating" cancer is a farce. On the other hand, if you are ABLE to keep your appetite, maintain weight, stay strong/active and able to exercise, then you ARE beating cancer.

.. my father iwas committed (his entire adult life) to diet exercise and healthy living. Within a few rounds of chemo and WBR, it was just out of the question.

Hope that doesn't sound negative, what I mean to say is, you are certainly better off if you are able to exercise and eat healthily through chemo.

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You sound like lots of folks including doctors. Nutrition is good, nutrition is a waste of time, nutrition will save your life, nutrition will do nothing.

I have also heard the same for vitamins, particularly selelium.

But my thought is if I think its helping, then it may just help.

I need to do something other than just chemo cause I feel that I'm taking an active role and if it will give me another month, year thats really cool

Today I went back to exercising and kept repeating SandraLs statement, cancer hates oxygen, cancer hates oxygen

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