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Patti B (my crazy cancer sister) responded further to my hair loss post today. And told me to make sure my hair 'goo' doesn't contain any alcohol. She is on Tarceva...and I am starting it in a few weeks. She also pointed out that most days she just leaves her hair alone and dons a ball cap if she needs to go out. We have all read here about the importance of staying "well lubricated" when on Tarceva.

Well all that just got me thinking that we need to start a new club around here. I like clubs. This one I will call the "Well Lubricated Ball Cap Wearing Club". Criteria for membership are as follows:

1) You are on Tarceva and are "well lubricated" and/or

2) You like to don a ball cap occasionally and

3) You like to have fun! Cause this club is simply about that...having fun!

I think that pretty much leaves membership pretty wide open and the more the merrier. I intend on meeting all 3 criteria.

Please express your interest in joining this club. I know there are lots of you out there who meet the criteria. Patti for sure, Ned (I know you are well lubricated), and all you Tarceva survivors out there. We obviously need both men and women to ramp up the fun.

I am not sure what the order of business will be for the first meeting. Whatever mischief well lubricated, ball cap wearing, fun people can get into. That pretty much leaves it wide open then doesn't it!

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hey!!! I missed this post and here you were talking about me!!!!

In reading posts that I missed while I had no power, I was sure Ned was not talking about Vaseline Intensive Care!!! :lol::lol::lol:

Of course I am in.........does it count that I am also 100% Italian and my skin is probably naturally well-lubricated from all those years of using Olive Oil??? Hey - maybe thats why my Tarceva rash is not bad at all!!!

Ned - you crack me up......but thanks for the advice on that lotion - I have been using it faithfully!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Well I am not on Tarceva but I certainly fill the other 2 requirements. I've been wearing a ball cap since I was a teenager ( 5 years ago ). Even my dog wears a ball cap as you can see in my avatar. And I certainly enjoy having fun.

Ned you certainly get my vote for president. Looks like you are well stocked on lubricants. Did you pick those up for the party last week when you heard the Keg Bus was on the way ? LOL

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