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Well, really the bad news and good news


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The bad news is I've agreed to two more chemos. When I asked my onc how she felt about going six weeks again, she shook her head and said that they don't have any data on Avastin on a six week schedule. I decided to pick my battle wisely and went for the big prize.

The good news is I told her I would do the next two chemos and the next CT scan. Since we both agree it will be good--I feel and look so well--I said I wanted to take a break then. She tried to pin me down but I hedged and said then she could schedule the next scan. I'd come and do that and we'd go from there. I stopped short of saying I was stopping treatment, prefering to suggest we wait for the next scan. I figured she's smart enough to figure it out. She is, of course, but you pay the price when you don't state your case precisely. As I left she said, o.k. we'll schedule the next two chemos and scan and you take your break over the holidays! My appointment schedule shows one chemo after the scan (Nov 3) on Nov 24 but I'll be cancelling that one.

Judy currently in Orlando

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Next time she wants to "Pin You Down" Put her in a head lock and tell here straight out, "Listen Lady, your not the boss of me!" LOL :lol: Just kidding, :wink::P but I think you made your POINT LOUD and Clear. GOOD FOR YOU!!!

We gotta do what we gotta do! :wink: ((((JUDY)))) I'm still cheering you on, and going to keep sending you positive vibes.

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Judy - For what it's worth, when my mom was on Avastin/Tarceva, she had to take a six week break because she had a rotator cuff tear and was contemplating surgery (i.e., couldn't be on a bloog thinner like Avastin). Six weeks didn't phase her onc, study nurse, or the people who were actually running the reasearch study. Obviously she was still on the Tarceva, but the people who were actually running the research study seemed to think it was minor enough change in protocol that it was no problem keeping her on the study.

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