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UPDATE Really messed this up


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Had a X Ray on April 1st. clear, Been coughing for as long as I can remember. I thought I would try to eliminate cancer as the culprit so I went to my family doctor for a CAT Scan, they said I didn't need a referral so I went to the Fox Chase Cancer Center and it was done on the 19th. Called the Doctor and He asked Me why this was done (sounded pissed) He told Me " He can't read it,I would have to see a lung doctor" He gave Me a name ane I just got an appointment on Oct. 15th. because I went out of their system I would have to get a copy on a CD and bring it with me, They said this was very unusual. But the family doctor did say that there is no mention of cancer. I thought that the Doctors read and interpret the scan then send results to the family Doctor. WHEW



I p[icked up My report today and I thought it was in another language.

Comment-there is a 6 MM calcified granuloma in the medial left lower lobe. this is associated nearby scarring. No other parenchymal lesions are seen. Thereis no pleural effusion.

There is minimal mesiastinal adenopathy. A prevascular node measures 1.2 CM x .8 CM. Aortopulmonary window measures 2.3 CM x 1.1 cm. A PRECARINAL NODE MEASURES 1.7 cm x 1.2 CM.

A right renal cyst but no other significant pathology. There is no retroperitoneal adenopathy or ascites in the upper abdomen.


Calcified granuloma in the left lobe.

Minimal mediastinal adenopathy. This in of uncertain etiology and clinical correlation is suggested.Conplete CT of the abdoman and pelvis may be of value to evaluate for additional adenopathy.


This all came in a sealed envelope that I opened, YOU TAUGHT ME WELL

I work for an Electric Utility and we had to make connections in the transformers, the insulating oil was PCP no one knew that it caused cancer. We would wrap the cables with asbestos. Working in the city you wre breathing bus fumes all day. And most of us had a problem with alcoho in fact I told Ned that when I stopped drinking they laidoff two Clydesdales. With a history like this You would think I wouldn't make it over 30.If I don't have any cancer I will try to participate in one of those studies they are doing about why some people get cancer and some don'tl

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You're a lucky guy, Bud. If I understood your post correctly, you don't have lung cancer. Better safe than sorry and if it had been cancer, you could have started treating it sooner.

I'm really glad that you don't have lung cancer and am sorry if we alarmed you too much. Still, it was good that you went to the doctor right away.

Best wishes


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Well, Bud, that's good news. But I don't quite understand your subject -- if somebody messed up, it certainly wasn't you!

Normally there's a radiologist (MD) associated with the place that did the CT scan who will read it and send a brief written report to whoever ordered the scan. Sounds like something fell through the cracks, though your family doctor did get the information somehow. It's always a good idea to ask for a CD whenever going in for a CT or PET scan. My imaging center knows I always want one, and it's usually ready shortly after I get my street clothes back on. I've got a nice collection by now, all backed up on a hard drive.

I hope the lung specialist can give you some help with the cough, and that you won't be needing any more scans. Best wishes and Aloha,


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bud, glad you got good results from your scan. You can expect most medical facilities to get a little freaky when you don't follow their norm.

I think anyone would worry about a chronic cough. When you say

Been coughing for as long as I can remember,
do you mean years or what? I'm curious if you are on blood pressure medication and, if so, if the coughing coincides with taking it? Most people don't know there are bp meds that cause chronic cough. If you do, finding out is easy. Just ask your pharmacist. That's how my husband had a chronic cough diagnosed. He had his doc change his med and the cough went away.
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