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betty boop

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I think that I have shingles around the back of my head. I am going to get checked tomorrow, but I am in some pain. It hurts to wash my hair and combing it is very painful. Also, the right side of my face is a little numb feeling.

Anyone else experience shingles? I am on Tarceva and my blood counts have been good for quite awhile.

Thanks for any info.


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I have had shingles and so has my husband. Neither was associated with cancer or cancer treatments. It is quite painful and am not sure any other rash is associated with that kind of pain. But I'm wondering, why not assume it's the Tarceva rash. Is it not painful? Shingles can show up on different parts of the body for different people and think I've heard the same for Tarceva.

Judy in Key West

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Shingles can definitely cause a rash. My sister just recovered from it (them?)

The sooner you are treated the better -- they can give you some anit-viral meds that really seem to help.

If you can't get to your doctor today, go to the ER and say you think you have shingles.

Thinking of you and hoping this is resolved quickly and painlessly,


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Well, I don't have shingles. I have bad case of dermatitis. I guess from the tarceva. I am clearing up with antibiotics and prescription shampoo and a salve for the back of my head.

I was so frustrated last week. I know the tarceva is working, but the devil makes it so easy to not want to take the drug. My last check up was good, no sign of cancer so I know that it is doing the job. I have been on tarceva for 17 months now.


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