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Recently I wrote in about my mother who is now "stable" on Tarceva;( Diagnosed with NSCLC in Dec. 2006, status post chemo/rad, at MDA). I was aking for help with the side effects of Tarceva, namely the rash. Thanks to some of you who wrote we have found relief in the low dose Doxycycline antibiotic and especially the cream which my mom can't say enough about as she was really depressed and exhausted from the pain and itching ith the rash the cream is/was clobetasol propionate [/i]and it cleared her up in three days! Thank you all very much for this reprieve. When I was discussing with her the commonalities of peoples reaction to Tarvceva she asked me to post this helpful hint for those who experience diarrhea, she has found that coconut as in coconut macaroons helps to stop it, she does warn that it can cause constipation if too much coconut is ingested but it is a tasty way to maybe help with that problem.

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Thanks for the info, Meeshy. I also take doxycycline, a 100mg tablet daily, and it does help. I'm sure of that because I ran out a couple of months ago, and after a few days without it my sore/splitting fingertip problem returned. That cleared up within a few days of resuming the medication.

I wasn't familiar with the clobetasol propionate (I've been using clindamycin gel plus moisturizing lotion) but I bookmarked your post just in case. Aloha,


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