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My sisters and I take a little trip

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My sisters and I talked about this trip about 8 months before Kelly was diagnosed, and I really thought after that day when we learned she had cancer, that it would never happen. But it did. One of my best friends is an oncologist who has lost his own sister to breast cancer and on that first day I said to him, but we were supposed to take a trip together. He told me - make it happen! Well it was a year later than planned, but we made it happen. Carpe diem!! I had one photo request of them and they were nice enough to pack accordingly and to humor me. :)


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More details! We pulled this trip off in a week. Exactly one week from when we left I had three windows open on my new computer and said to the sisters - are we really doing this? They said yes and I clicked BOOK BOOK BOOK. Then we had to find a place to stay. We had a few sites we had been looking at for the last couple of years so in a day or so we had an apartment booked, about 12-15 blocks from the Eiffel Tower. Very cool!

The weather was GORGEOUS, in fact I had packed for cooler weather and was worried I would be too warm. A couple days were in the 80s! We spent every day getting a relaxed start, then picking an area in Paris we wanted to check out, and hopping the metro 2 blocks from our apartment. Kelly found herself tiring out easily and seemed upset that she was ruining our trip. I laughed while sitting outside at a cafe, having a wonderful glass of wine at about 1 in the afternoon "Yeah, this really stinks!". Of course she tired easy, she's spent the last 17 months battling cancer. This trip wasn't about covering the most ground in one week. It was about making memories with my sisters, and it was priceless!

There was much wine and champagne and lots of great food. One place we ate at is owned by a guy whose sister lives here and is a neighbor of a friend of mine, he was so thrilled to have us there and so happy to recommend lots of great things. It was probably the best meal of the trip, and there were many great meals.

Here is another pic.


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