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Nearing the End??


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I have been posting in the care givers forum but read a few post here and decided this is the place to ask the questions and get advice now. Dad's feet are very swollen and blue. He hasn't been eating, just drinking and not going to the bathroom much. His breathing is labored sometimes only like 5 breaths a minute while sleeping. He is saying things that don't make sense. He came home from the hospice for the weekend only to end up going back after 4 hours. He says he feels like he has frostbite. I need to know even just an estimate how much time does it sound like he has. What happens after the feet swell so bad? Does it spread. His motor skills are practically gone....have been for some time now. Can no longer walk or straighten his legs after he bends them, they get so stiff and feel as thought they are going to break if we move them. Please help.

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Oh Lillee. I have no idea how to help you but my heart goes out to you. This is so painful to read and nowhere close to the pain you and your family are going through. The only thing I can say is to try and keep him as pain free as possible and enjoy every moment possible, even if they are few. God bless you, your dad and your entire family at this difficult time.


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