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Lung Cancer Awareness Month.. I need YOUR help!


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As many of you know I have a web site that is dedicated to helping people touched by cancer. You all know my stories about Brad and then my step dad and their battles with LC and why I advocate for all types of cancer.

But November is different for me. November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month and I want to do something special to raise awareness. Using my web site as a platform I would love to share some of your stories! I am hoping to have a big banner on the main page and each week a different organization that deals with lung cancer will be profiled in the spot light. But I would like very much to include some personal stories on the front page to give this whole thing a human touch and feel.

Whether you are a patient, a caregiver or have lost someone to this disease, if you are willing to share your story please let me know. I will only include first names, no other personal details, and will publish ONLY what you want me to. Drop me a PM or reply here...

I really hope you wonderful people will help me out with this!!

Many thanks, huge hugs and my love and appreciation in advance,


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I am always sharing my story, Christine. If you go to the My Story forum, find Kasey's Story. That is mine it a nutshell without the update that I am now a 4 yearsurvivor. Let me know if you want more as I really pared it down for this site. Thanks for doing what you do for all of us. Hope you get the word out to many by doing this.


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Thank you ALL so much for the great response to this.. I am hoping to hear from more of you!!

I think it would be great if you could include WHY Lung Cancer Awareness Month is so important to YOU. I am devoting a lot of time and effort to this campaign and am so grateful for all of your replies and stories. I can include pictures as well so if you'd like a picture included please let me know.

You can send me your stories thru a PM or I can give you my email address.

Again, thank you so much and I really hope to hear from more of you!!!!!! Please help me put a face on this disease and raise awareness.



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Just a reminder that I am going to be away most of this week but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.. I would really love for more of you to submit your stories. I am really trying to make this project a success but I do need your help and your input!

I have 8 replies here, most of which are my own, and over 130 views... PLEASE.... I AM REALLY HOPING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR ALL OF YOU WITH LUNG CANCER AND ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE A LOVED ONE FIGHTING OR HAVE LOST SOMEONE TO THIS DISEASE. This is not for me, or about me, it is for and about ALL OF YOU.

Wishing you all a wonderful week...


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