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Checking In after SRS


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I thought I would check in and let everyone know that I went through 3 rounds of SRS radiation to the abdominal area. It has been about two weeks or so and the pain is gone and I have not had any bad side effects yet. The doctors felt that the tumor was close to the bowels and there was some risk for complications but so far I seem okay. I will go for a PETscan on November 28th to see results. I may have a CT scan sooner though. Waiting for confirmation about that. I feel good though these days although my heart is acting a little wacky...but otherwise I thank god every day to still be alive. I'm sorry I am not here more often but I really am trying to spend more time with my son..He is having alot of trouble writing (he is in 4th grade) and he is my priority for now. Hugs to everyone.


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Hi Lilly

That is good news that you got pain relief without the side effects. Here's hoping for good results on the PET scan. Enjoy the time helping your kid with the writing. Take care.

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Oh Lilly, how wonderful to hear from you and glad you're feeling pretty good. And of course your kids are your priority, so don't you give it another thought about not being here more.

I'm hoping no nasty side effect show up along the way and that you continue on the mend. And BTW...great new pic. I love it.


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