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Ashes to the cemetary


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This morning, our daughter and I took Rod's urn to the cemetary. It was time to have it out from behind the entertainment center. I emptied the ashes from the baggie they had stuffed into the urn.The bag was too large to get out of the urn so I had to fiddle with it with one hand to get it flipped upside down. It was really heavy, too. I got it emptied but put just the tiniest bit onto the part of the garden he always used for his veggies. (I planted my Rod Garden there this summer.) I thought the internment would be really hard, it was harder for Lacy. She felt like he was just "away" all this time but she said it made it final. We stayed in town to shop a little and have lunch. I'm glad that is done, it was time.


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Something I did was I had google Earth on my computer adn I ahve DEbs Grave as a location marked on there as a favorite spot. I can always see her whenever I miss her!

Prayers and Hugs for both of you. I know this has been a very difficult thing to do. It sounds like there is now a closure of sorts and thats a good thing to have!!

Prayers and Hugs for strength and inner peace and tranquility........

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That is the final step and it is a difficult one. We buried my Mother in laws ashes 3 years after she passed, up until that time, we had her in our home. I sobbed so uncontrollably the day we buried her it was like she had JUST passed all over again. A guess it brings the finality of it all back into the forefront. My thoughts are with you. Love, Sharon

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