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FIVES: Thursday, 11/27


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1. A visit with our wonderful neighbors

2. Thanksgiving #4 that I was told I wouldn't celebrate

3. Knowing that our 'extras' we invite for Christmas dinner all have places to be today

4. My wonderful friend who took such great care of us Nov. 1 in Boston

5. Teddy ~ who brings joy into my heart every day ( those who don't know ~ Teddy is in my avatar with me :D )


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1. Being the only person awake on a holiday morning.

2. Living on a lake where I can have my morning coffee and enjoy the view ( now if I could only train the dog to fetch the paper).

3. Having 3 kids that are kind to others.

4. My mom making the turkey today.

5. Thankful I can help the economy by Christmas shopping tomorrow. :lol:

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1. The extreme pain I woke up with in my right forearm and bicep is almost gone.

2. My wonderfule daughter who sometimes understands what I'm feeling before I do.

3. I've got an hour to rest before the next Thanksgiving dinner.

4. Unexpectedly met a young woman at Thanksgiving dinner who was a former client. She told me about her life and said, see, you did good.

5. I can look out the window and see my orchids blooming.

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