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Didn't mean to forget.....


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So my dad has been home for almost a week and I haven't been here since I last posted. I feel horrible for, I don't know, almost neglecting the place that helped me get through my fathers last hospital stay. I think often times, (maybe its just me), we look to people more in our most trying times rather then all the time. And I am sorry for this. I'm going to make an honest effort to come here more often and express myself. A lot of you people helped me and my father get through that hospital stay and it just felt good to have a place to come and voice my concerns and thoughts.

My father has been okay lately. My brother and I have been keeping up on his meds at home and making sure he gets enough to eat all day. He is beginning to sleep more again, probably due to the dilaudid which, seems to be working famously for his pain.

I've been thinking lately a lot about what I'm gonna get him for Christmas. IN NO WAY AM I GONNA NOT GET HIM SOMETHING. He obviously says he doesn't want anything because of the state he is and the "prediction" the doctors have made. I want to give him a normal present... I don't want him to think we're giving up on him and I'm gonna make sure everyone in my family treats this Christmas, just like every other Christmas before... BECAUSE I REFUSE TO TREAT MY DAD ANY DIFFERENT because of some claim the doctors have made.... I think this is very important.... So I'm just gonna get out there,, and get him something really nice and really NORMAL.... Unfortunately, he has always been one of the hardest people to shop for... BUT I WILL PREVAIL....

SOOOOOOOO... i just want you all to know that you are in my thoughts always and will be in my prayers forever... Don't treat this Christmas any different than all the rest!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE and all the best in the coming NEW YEAR.... My prayer tonite is that as the clocks roll over into a New Year, that the past year may be forgotten and the NEW YEAR can be looked forward too and a welcomed sight for all... Take care of yourselves and eachother....

Adam Kloostra

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I am so happy to hear your dad is doing so much better and is home. Don't worry about not coming to the forum as often as you would like. You have your dad to care for and we know you will keep us up to date on how he is doing. We know you are thinking about all of us, just as we are thinking about you and your dad...

I am sure your parents are very proud of you. You are absolutely correct. This Christmas should be normal. Go shopping and buy your dad a special present. Don't even think about what the docs say, they are not God. Our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus is the only one who determines when it is time to go home. Keep the faith and I'll be praying for your dad and family...

Merry Christmas and God Bless


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Glad your dad is home.

How about a nice bathrobe, or sweats for lounging, or warm slippers? Maybe a nice blanket for the couch for taking naps. ( These are things I'd like, which is why I mention them....). Perhaps the book he always would have liked to have time to read.

Enjoy your holidays.

You and your dad are in our prayers.


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