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Wednesday's Air


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Good morning all. Sun just came up on a chilly morning in the Keys (around 60 degrees I believe). I only have time for a quick duck in this morning. My husband is taking his walk but is only here for this one more day. He leaves tomorrow for a job he couldn't get out of (sigh).

I am really upbeat this morning. I ordered a book (Ellen and Carole, are either of you familiar with Living Proof by Michael Gearin-Tosh?) that is the most captivating read I've encountered in a long time. It will be hard to discipline myself to relegate reading it to morning coffee and bedtime since tax time is looming (March 15 for corporations). If anyone has read it and is interested in a private book club, let me know.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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this is a link to our KSTP ABC news from this morning. "just how cold it it" shows a video of the hot coffee thrown into the air turning to white dust

Donna G

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Donna, I replied to this somewhere??? Someone's playing tricks and moving things around. Now what did I say? Oh yes, something like thanks, that was great. And, boy what some people will do for a buck or a paycheck LOL. I think I said something else but who knows what. It's gone. Oh, I remember. It's a wonder that guys hands didn't turn to cardboard.

Judy in Key West

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