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Tarceva Working ... Brain Fluid Increase 3mm


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Hello Susan,

Yes, we are thrilled, as well. Hopefully, the rash will settle down, and Bill gets to stop itching. He seems to have been less impacted by the rash in the last one or two days, or so.

Right now, he is down for the count, and napping the afternoon away. It's about time he caught some zzzz's. He needs some extras.

What I really love, Susan, is that he is enjoying the change from the usual chemo, and that it is giving him some quality time.

Thanks again, Susan.


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To All,

I hope I didn't forget to respond to anyone. Even doubly checking can miss somebody.

Everyone of the posts here have been treasured. I loved receiving the sharing of the good news.

My heart feel so good today. We are very happy. It's been an uplifting few days.

Thank you all so very much. :) ....and more.


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