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Breast support after surgery


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My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer about 3 weeks ago. On December 3rd they removed the top lobe in the left lung and a softball sized tumor. She came home from the hospital 2 days ago and is learning to deal with the pain.

Here is my question. Her breasts are pulling down which causes pain in her back. She doesn't think she can take wearing a bra because of the pain in her side and back and we are trying to think of some way/thing that we can use to support her bosom without causing severe pain.

In addition to the surgical opening for the cancer, they also did a chest incision to biopsy another growth, so we have the pain from that smaller incision too.

We would appreciate any help we can get. This really sucks and I hate seeing her in so much pain.

Thanks in advance

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Dear MML,

I found Hanes Her Way makes a soft, stretchy type of sports bra. I bought a couple of them a bit larger than I am, and step into them instead of pulling them on over my head, due to limitatios of mobility after surgery. Also, tank shirts with built in shelf bras layered under other shirts. PLus, bras made for woemen who have undergone a masectomy are more comfortable.


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Due to where my incision was, I went two weeks before attempting a bra of any kind but needed the support...so I rolled up a bath towel and placed my bosom on top of the "shelf". Sure helped with the pull...

I bought my sports bra at K-Mart - it ZIPS up the front. Still needed help getting into the "harness" since my right arm didn't want to move too much (my surgery was on the right side) but hubby was more than willing to help :wink: (or Mom did if I showered after hubby left for work - she Becky-sat for the first few weeks of recuperation)

It's uncomfortable to get dressed anyway, but with help it goes faster (and doesn't feel like trying to scratch your back in a strait jacket).

Good luck!

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