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Recent Update and Mini Political Rant


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My January Scans and Chemo were pretty uneventful. My blood counts were good enough to stay on my six week cycle of Chemo with no blood infusions. I think I dropped a few emails but they were general and not a real update.

Yesterday we went in for my regular six week checkup and treatment. My blood counts are still good so I got to skip the blood infusions again. My CAT Scan results were also good except for what Doc referred to as just a “Tiny Bit” of fluid left in that area near the right pleural lining that was still there or back there, or whatever. He has increased one of my chemo doses a “Tiny Bit” to address that fluid and he is very happy with the success we and he have had with my treatment. Sometimes he almost embarrasses me with his praise and glee over how well things have gone.

He really has done a fantastic job and I had to get him talking about the economy and the Market to bring him back to earth. I jokingly asked him if he was making a killing in this market and he seemed shy about answering “yes”. A year or so he got hooked up with some outfit playing both ends of the game, market up or down he’s still doing fine. I’m going to research some of his clues later and check it out.

We were well on the way to having a perfect day in Cancer Clinic when they brought in a frail looking, sixth grade girl and sat her next to me. Her Dad and Mom and Brother were all there with her to give the moral and physical support and family strength to undergo her treatment. We didn’t even get a chance to chat with them because they pulled the privacy curtain but we did get to listen to the whole treatment. The little darling had a port installed which they mentioned was very small and they talked her trough the process with everyone getting into the act. They coached her and consoled her and educated and informed her on everything they were doing and how it would feel. When they got to the part where they were prepping her port and installing the needle she was as frightened as a person could be. Everyone within earshot, family, patients, nurses and visitors, was reduced to tears. I was blubbering right along with the rest of them and any concerns I had for myself just melted away.

You guys know it all too well but I’ve just got to say it again. I HATE this disease. I hate it most of all for attacking the young, the innocent and the helpless. They do not deserve it and they did nothing to cause it. I certainly don’t have a clue on how to find a cure but I believe that the faith and prayer and support of family friends and even strangers will make the ultimate difference.

RANT>>Obama can spend $5 Billion to fund ACORN, just to get more illegal votes and meanwhile, we have to ask and beg for money to find a cure for this.>>Rant off

Oh yes, I broke my Lenten vow on drinking once again, I think that’s an unbroken record of 55 years straight.

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Hey John,

I don't even make that Lenten promise anymore!!!! No way I could EVER keep it.

I want a cure too. I identified with your chemo center story. I taught sixth grade for - like FOREVER - and your account just broke my heart.

Glad to hear you doing well. Me too. Lucky us!!!!


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Hey there. It is great to hear about how well you are doing. Yes this disease sucks and your story of the young girl is heartbreaking. Our cancer clinic does not treat children. They all are treated at a children's hospital which is probably a lot better environment for them when fighting life threatening illnesses.

Continued best wishes


ps I would never make that lenten vow myself!

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Thanks for the reply.

Young folks hardly ever get treated at our Cancer Center either. It is usually a case where they are away from their home area or special arrangements have been made.

We do perform other procedures for some youngsters with other than Cancer illnesses, "brittle bone syndrome" treatment is one that comes to mind. The process is similar to chemo, using different drugs. No matter to me what their underlying illness is, the kids just crack me up emotionally.

I guess that's what makes it so difficult for us, I must be hardened to those who are more mature and I know I might have made some lifestyle changes considering what's going on now. These young children don't even get the options or choices I've had.


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So glad to hear you are doing well.. Your account of the young girl has me in tears here. I hate this disease so much, as we all do...

I can remember one of 2 times Brad ever cried during his illness and that was one evening after he'd been to chemo and there was a young boy in the infusion centre next to him. That night was honestly the most heart wrenching experience I shared with him during his entire battle. He just sobbed and sobbed, not for himself but for that little boy and the other children who have to go through this hell.

Not sure why Brad has been so much in my thoughts the past couple of weeks but your account brought the tears to the forefront that I've been fighting.

John. thank you and God Bless...


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John--yes this stupid disease is unfair and evil. I remember that my mom told me after her Dx "this is not a tragedy. If I were young it would be a tragedy, at my age, it's just a part of life." What you saw was a tragedy, but keep in mind that they've made tremendous progress with children's cancers and many are highle curable. I pray the little girl you saw was in that category.


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