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Getting to Know You - Wednesday, March 4


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Apparently I collect turtles.........when we were first married Richard gave me a crystal turtle (don't know why a turtle) anyway I kept it on the coffee table and a friend then gave me another turtle ---see where this going?-----I now have a fine collection of turtles in every concievable size, color and material. I have enamel, wood, clay, silver, brass, leather and even a jade one from Hong Kong. I have turtle pins, zipper grips, key rings........the list goes on.

By the way I have no affection whatsoever for turtles and my real collections are hat pins, old bottles and salt cellars!

Go figure


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Geri...my co-worker would love to visit you. She's a real turtle fanatic. She rescues turtles and even has had a big pond built on her grandfather's property just for the turtles she rescues.

Isn't it funny how we can start collecting things and not even know why or how it got started?

I collect lots of cat figurines, since I'm a cat lover. I started with a collection of cats that were done by Boyds (as in bears) and now I have them all. A few years ago, I got this sudden love for anything with gingerbread people on it. That is one that friends and family have really picked up on. I now leave my kitchen in gingerbread all year round and fill the rest of the house during Christmas.

Oh...now I sometimes feel as if I collect photos, as I have pics of the grandbabies all over my house!!!

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I collect antiques -- I have so many different things I've started to buy then stopped when I got too many then go on to other things. Right now I am collecting fishing lures made by a certain carver that lived in Michigan.

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Oh Ann I should pack them all up and send them to you!!! :wink:

I should add that I have only ever bought one turtle (from a pueblo in NM) that was plain black fired clay and very simple, you wouldn't really know it's a turtle. All the others have been given to me by friends who assumed that I liked them and with this last move they have all been relegated to a box somewhere in the basement.

Except that is for the last one I got for my birthday :roll::roll:

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I bought a collectible once--a bubble fairy representing my birthday month. She was so ugly, she was cute. Of course, my Christmas ornaments. On top of my kitchen cabinets are a collection of small cups and cups w/saucers my husband collected from different countries when he travelled on his job. Oh and in the hutch, the crystal decantur w/matching glasses from Ugoslavia (sp?), amber crystal wine glasses from somewhere, and a brass tray with pitcher and matching small brass trimmed glasses with tiny spoons from Turkey, and Asian dolls and other Asian pieces. All from his travel days. My friend Jim and I started collecting poseable fairies but they quickly became really to find. I just inherited two of his. My "collecting" is very eclectic!

Judy in Key West

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