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Saturday's Air


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Well, it feels good to be opening the Air again. It feels like forever since I've done this. I went to bed late and got up early so I put a little time in sprucing things up outdoors already. It's going to be a hot and humid one in Key West today so I'm glad I did.

I'm giving up my Hall Pass but may need it again later on in the week. My grandson is due for Spring Break. For those of you who have followed my posts, you know when he's here, he is pretty much the center of my universe. It's going to be wonderful having him. I have more energy and feel more like myself right now than I have since even before all this started because I had already been experiencing a great deal of fatigue before dx.

There is one thing I need to do now that I am back. I need to curb my obsessive-compulsive tendencies and stop approaching the site as a job. I realized that's what I was doing. Now I am telling myself I don't have to read and respond to EVERY POST EVERY DAY like I was often trying to do. So forgive me if I don't live up to expectations I previously set up for myself.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Well it's great to have you back Judy. You have been missed.

Jayla and I have a rare day all to ourselves. Tom is out with his friend Bill and Viv went to work.

I think if it gets warmer we will take Jayla's bike out. She is getting better at the pedaling thing. We are ready to go out for a bite to eat now. We are all bathed and hair prettied up and ready to go.

Have a great day.


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So happy to see your smiling face this morning Judy!!!

I have my little buddy Shea visiting until Easter - he is as close to a grandson as I will get for a while! he is two - and full of life - and no matter how bad i feel - i feel better when he is around.

So today I will be very busy playing with cars and play kitchen and Elmo.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!

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We are in a winter storm warning here for today so I think I will just hibernate for the day. Judy, I so much understand your compulsive behavior. I am the same way and it drives me nuts! My wife laughs at me because I always check the doors 2 or 3 times each night to make sure I locked them before bed. And once you get to bed you realize that you may have left a burner on the stove turned on so downstairs I go to check it and it is always turned off. :oops:

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Good afternoon everyone!

The sky has finally opened up into a beautiful sunny day. And the sun and the heat are expected to hang around for a number of days. That will surely give a boost to our blossom blooming!

Great to see you back Judy, you have been missed!

I'll also admit to being part of the obsessive-compulsive crowd today. If I am going to do something, I am doing it all the way or not at all. No half-hearted attempts for this girl. One might also refer to that as being "stubborn" which I have been called on many occasions and am unable to defend!

Have a great Saturday everyone. I need to get out and enjoy our lovely day!


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Welcome back Judy:) I too have the OCD tendancies. There seem to be a bunch of us here. Had a nice day, slow pace which was nice. Finally got the time to start 2 online applications for grants for the Metro Detroit Lung Cancer Walk, exerecised and then watched MSU beat UConn. :D Go Spartans!!!

Night Everyone,


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