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New to site and need some assist as a caregiver or survivor


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My husband diagnosed with SCLC limited Dec. 08 and has finished chemo and awaits radiation. He has had several hospitalizations after chemo. Now he is in hospital as result of a spontaneous pneumothorax where lung collapsed from a "bleb" bursting into chest cavity thus leaking air. We are hoping it will heal so he can get on with radiation. I am sole caregiver, trying to keep up good spirits and especially encourage him. Anyone out there had SCLC with COPD and emphysema? He quit smoking 20 years ago and controlled COPD with walking and exercise but the cancer knocked him over the edge and is having problem recovering. He is a very courageous man and loving father. I want to smile more and perk him up. Anyone willing to assist with some advice?

Thank you.

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Hi there and welcome to the board. I am sorry to hear about your husband though and your need to be here. It is so hard to watch a loved one go through all of this and stay positive all the time. You just need to take it one day at t time. It's a tough road but one better spent being positive and hopeful. Thank goodness your husband has you to support him. I hope he gets well enough to start radiation. And then that he starts feeling better and enjoying his days. Take care please and keep us posted on how you and your husband are doing. The people on this board totally get what you are going through.


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Welcome Mothership. I'm sorry that you have found a need to be here but glad that you found us. You will find lots of good info, support and encouragement on this site. Take it one day at a time.

Please keep us posted on how thing are going


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There is a wonderful sticky post in the SCLC forum about surviving small cell lung cancer from a survivor. It has some excellent information. Go read it and print it out. I think it is titled, "How I Survived Small Cell Lung Cancer." Welcome.


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