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Anything missing here?


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The following article about Relay for Life was published in our local paper this morning. Something is missing. . . . can you guess???????

Beverly Harvey

Staff Writer

Published: April 30, 2009

The American Cancer Society-Lee County is selling bows to raise awareness of cancer and to raise funds for its Relay for Life event.

For the first time since it began more than five years ago, the organization’s “Paint the Town Purple” campaign will include sales of purple bows as well as two-color bows to represent certain types of cancer.

The bows can be purchased by individuals and businesses to raise awareness of cancer and to support the annual Relay for Life fundraising efforts, said Erin Stephens, Lee County Relay for Life board member.

The color purple represents general cancer awareness and pancreatic cancer.

Two-color bows include purple and one of the following colors:

—pink — breast cancer;

—range — leukemia;

—yellow — liver cancer;

—teal — uterine, cervical or ovarian cancer;

—gold — childrens’ cancers;

—blue — stomach, colon or prostate cancer;

—green — kidney or lymphoma cancer.

Purple bows cost $10 each. Two-color bows cost $15 each.

The bows will be on sale until May 8. Bows can be purchased with cash or check by e-mailing leecountyrelayforlife.net or contacting Stephens at 334-xxx-xxxx.

The 12-hour Relay for Life team event will be May 8 at the Southern Union State Community College track.

This year’s goal is to raise $198,000.

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Ok, so I called the woman in the story as asked what color ribbon they had for lung cancer. . . . it wasn't on the sheet the ACS gave her. BUT she was very sweet (and a cancer survivor herself) so she looked it up and promised to make me a purple and white bow. I will pick it up on Monday.

I promise I will NOT let them forget us!


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Hey Susan......we had a ribbon for LC at our Relay - sort of a filmy white ribbon trimmed with purple. We paid for the ribbon and then got to pin it on the cloth hanging. I think there were ony about 4 of us!!!! What a shame, huh But at lest they did have a ribbon for us! Thanks for bringing the oversight to their attention. Seems we always are doing that, huh?


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I missed our relay because I'm here in Orlando for tests. But thanks Susan for the heads up. I'll be sure to look out for us in Key West next year. I have a feeling we were not represented here either although had I known, there are a handful of us in my cancer support group.

Judy in Key West

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Katie--I feel the same way. Relay is extremely moving, but I'm not impressed with the support of the ACS for lung cancer research. The ACS reps in my town know this because I question them about it everything one of them speaks at a luncheon or meeting I attend. They just shrug and say "yeah." So I donate a small amount and purchase luminaries to honor people, but when I want to REALLY help people with LC I donate to lungevity, GRACE or other group that supports LC research specifically.


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