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Tuesday's Air


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Morning all. It's 9:49 am and I'm on the way back to Key West. I didn't go to bed til 10:30 but was up a five. I guess with the steroid pill and the IV steriods, I was lucky I slept well as I did.

I got into it early this morning with my poor husband about our travel schedule and a problem with rescheduling a scan. I probably instigated it so I could cry. It was the first time I cried since I fell off the U.S.S.NED. Guess I needed that. We're o.k. now.

I'm going to post later in General to discuss some concerns I have with my new treatment and scans schedule. For now I want to tell Sandra, I hope she did well with her first nav treatment. Also, good luck to Maryanne and Joel, Denise, Connie and anyone else I missed who are waiting for scan results. My heart is with you all.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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When you get time, catch up on yesterday's Air post. I asked you to look up an old friend of mine at MDACC on your next trip over.

Crying always makes me feel better. I think those salty tears have a way of flushing out our heart and souls and making everything better.

Did it rain any in the Orlando area yesterday? I think lots of areas around Palm Bay got some light showers but they missed us. The forecast sounds a bit better for today. In the meantime, it's hotter than h*** here and I'm trying to find my pitchfork, as my long tail and horns have been emerging!!!

And....I wish that damned bus would get here soon!!!! Becky Snowflake has a lot of explaining to do!!!

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No, Ann, it didn't rain in Orlando as far as I know. We had thunder for an hour or so in Oviedo, but no rain. We sure need it. Today we have cloudy skies.

We're still trying to adjust to the loss of our almost 13 year old Labrador Retriever last week. Cushing's disease finally got the best of her. Bailey, we've found, isn't much of an alarm clock.

As for Becky, I don't know. She better get here quick. I think she registered for classes again.

Good luck to everyone having scans.


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Good morning all.

We are having a bit of an overcast week. I wish I could send some of it down to those who need it.

We all need a good cry every once in awhile Judy. It does help.

My treatment went ok yesterday. I ended up waiting for over an hour before I even got into the chair. Enough time to get more worked up. But the nurse was a very kind one I had before and she even remembered me. Only one miss on the IV and no talk of a port or pic. The infusion burned the whole time but it only took 10 minutes so I grinned and bore it. The vein in my arm is a bit red today so I will keep an eye on it. The nurse said next time they will infuse some hydrocortosone first so it is easier on my veins. But, all in all, better than I expected.

Sorry to hear about your dog Muriel. Pets are on of the family.

Have a great day all.


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Muriel....so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Those little critters can really control our heartstrings.

Sandra....glad to hear treatment went well yesterday. Thank goodness for all of those kind nurses that really do care. And yes, I too wish you could manage to share some rain with us. We're absolutely parched.

And...Becky Snowflake...wherever you may be.....

We're all waiting!!!!

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Muriel, I'm really sorry for your loss of Cushing. I know how dear you dogs are to you.

Ann I did see your request but it was after my treatment. I'll go back to the post and write his name down for next time.

Sandra, I'm so glad the treatment went well as expected. Now keep us posted on any or no side-effects.

And Ann, I suggested in the "what's that roar" that if Becky is still tied up, we fly you up there to start that bus--I think it's MI to WI to Seattle to the Canadian border---I laid the whole thing out awhile ago. I'll try to find the post. I'm sure you and everyone can get as much time off work as needed--for goodness sake it's a virtual trip!

Judy in Key West

P.S. Sorry you guys didn't catch the downpour somewhere on the FL turnpike between Orlando and Port St Lucie yesterday. Also, it started raining in Key West when we got home. It didn't last long but puddles suggested it had rained earlier. Hope it comes your way soon.

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