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Monday's Air


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Up at 7 am, sense of humor intact, attitude good. Except for allergy congestion, I'm feeling quite well. No naseau so far and it's late enough now that if it starts I can start eating. Trying to stay with the advice to eat frequent small meals with this Alimta.

"well you are sure looking good, your color is good and you look so healthy"

Donny that one stands right up there beside "but you have such a great attitude...." Funny isn't it. I don't think we really want to look BAD, we just want some appreciation for what we are going through. For me, that is especially the fear. I'm also fighting my own expectations of how much I should be able to do and I don't need any encouragement there.

Randy, dang you must be psychic. I didn't want that "Piano Playing..." post to go unread, it's just too good. Last night I was thinking of you because you taught me what a "bump" was when I first came on site. I was thinking of asking you to do it or do it myself and you got the vibe and read it. O.k. guys, check it out. This couple is definitely keg bus material.

It's raining in Key West but usually these showers don't last long and we really need the rain in FL.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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I can't believe this....it's now raining in Key West!!! It has literally been raining all around us and we're still bone dry. I think Lynn up in Titusville has probably even had showers. I'm sure Muriel has had rain and now, I hear that Judy's getting rain!!! What's up with this??? The weather this morning did say there's a tropical front on it's way and the projected path brings it either into South Florida or Central Florida. I'm saying prayers and doing rain dances in hopes that this storm hits Central Florida head on!!! My grass actually talks to me now....crunch....crunch....crunch.

Other than being bone dry, it's a beautiful day here today. As with Judy. my allergies are driving me nuts. Between the oak pollen and the dust, my eyes are watering like crazy.

I hope everyone is having a great day in your little corner of the world!!!

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It started raining in Orlando last night about 8 or 9. It stopped sometime during the night and this morning I hoped to get to the store before we got more rain. The rain started again as I was parking my car at the groc. store and hasn't stopped yet. Sometimes it's pretty heavy. Amy (on WESH2) predicts rain all week. Our grass is happy. Our dog is wet and happy. We have footprints all over the kitchen floor and I'm not so happy.

Let's hope Becky waits 'till the rain stops.


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Guess what???? It's finally raining and I'm so happy. You should have seen all of us standing at the front office door, looking at the dark clouds and feeling those first drops of rain!!!

Wow....I forgot how great raindrops can be!!!

I felt like dancing in the rain.

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Well hurrah for the much needed rain girls!

It is a long weekend here in Canada and today is "Victoria Day". We live in Victoria of course, named after the queen and we have a 3 hour long parade that has been going for many many years.

I've got company in town for the weekend and the whole week. My mom, my sister and her three kids. So the house is a buzz! Tiring but good.

Happy Monday everyone!


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I am glad you guys are getting the rain you needed- as for us it seems like it has been raining forever! And now it is cold on top of it - they are predicting a frost tonight!

Sandra - there is nothing better than a holiday surrounded by family - I hope you had a wonderful time!

I spent the weekend at my daughter's college graduation - it was very cold and wet - but wonderful! I will try to attach a picture of us all.


That's my son Michael-20, my husband Charlie, my daughter Lauren-21, me, and my daughter Kristen-23.

Next goal - Michael's college graduation in 2011!

Have a wonderful rainy day everyone!



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