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Tobacco-related Cancer


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The University of Alabama at Birmingham held the Alabama Cancer Summit 2009 yesterday. They have decided to focus on the four most common cancers in Alabama (and these are their words not mine) breast, colorectal, cervical and tobacco-related cancers.


As you might imagine, I got a little ticked off. I blogged about it and Twittered about it and last night the State Representative who was instrumental in setting up the Summit called me. I explained my concerns to him and he was very much in agreement. He promised to call the head of the UAB Cancer Center today to ask him to stop perpetuating the stigma created when lung cancer is referred to as the smoking cancer.

Then he asked me to get involved, which I gladly agreed to do. He asked for resources and I am going to be sending him to the Lungevity site as well as the LCSC. I'll also be referring him to Grace. Anyone know of any other good resources? All suggestions are welcome.


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I am sure one of our local State Representatives might be able to Help . Rep Hugh Holliman of Forsyth has been instrumental in getting legislation passed for a Non smoking Ban in restaurants and Bars in the heart of Tobacco Country. He is also a 2 time Lung cancer survivor recovering fro a Lobectomy currently at Forsyth Medical Facility!

This is his current Email tha has been published for well wishers. Hey its a start !!


Winston-Salem, NC-- Rep. Hugh Holliman is recovering Tuesday after surgery to remove a portion of one of his lungs.

Holliman is a two-time survivor of lung cancer and the primary sponsor of a new law to ban smoking in restaurants and bars. The surgery Tuesday to remove a lower lobe of Rep. Holliman's right lung was conducted as a precautionary measure and the portion of the lung that was removed was not immediately believed to be cancerous.

The surgery was conducted at Forsyth Memorial Hospital in Winston-Salem. Rep. Holliman is recovering in the hospital's Intensive Care Unit and is expected to return to his legislative duties in about a week.

Rep. Holliman is in his fifth term representing Davidson County in the House of Representatives. He is the House Majority Leader, chairman of the Financial Institutions committee and vice chairman of the Finance committee.

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