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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! No, it's already 9:30 am. Not so early but I have an excuse. I'm a bit of a neat freak and when the guys left to go fishing, I just had to tidy up. My husband has a chicken stuffed (not last night, don't worry, he just did it this morning) and ready for me to put in the oven to roast. Oh my, so many directions you'd think I never roasted a chicken before. This man doesn't seem to remember who fed this family for years and years.

Donny, I am so glad you are going to the onc today. You just should have to suffer like that with Alimta. Of course, I'm one to talk. I haven't felt good for almost a month but I don't think it's the Alimta. I should have gone to the doctor for the eyes at least. If I don't make an appointment today, it will be too late because we're leaving tomorrow and will be on the road for forever.

It's a beautiful day here. Hope you are all getting some of this sunshine. If not you Becky, hope you enjoyed yours yesterday.

Have a great day.

Judy in Key West

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jaminkw " You just should have to suffer like that with Alimta"

I'm glad you think so,,, LOL

It's been some kinda rough but I've never given birth so what do I know about pain, LOL

Haven't slept yet, bout time to go to the doc. My onc is an amazing woman, before she was a doctor she was a chemical engineer and that was what made her decide to go into oncology. She is also human enough to admit when she is stumped and needs to ask someone elses opinion.

I have utmost faith and confidence in my medical team and that takes alot of stress out of not feeling well. At least I feel that someone cares about what I'm going through.

Nuff said.

Donny :)

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Well, it's beautiful here today but it's so hot that I think I saw this gruesome looking character with a long red tail and red horns in my yard this morning. He was carrying a pitchfork and singing Burn Baby Burn, while walking among the flames. Does that give you any idea how hot it is here? But, I'm trying not to complain and counting my blessings, as we are still getting some rain.

My oldest son and DIL (parents of grandbabies) have just bought their first house and are closing next Friday. They have been renting a house near his work and have been waiting to buy, as they have been considering relocating to the Carolinas. Well, I just sat by and tried to keep my big mouth shut and prayed everyday they wouldn't move away. So, God and Dennis took care of me on this one and now my grandbabies will be only 10 minutes from my house. They plan on moving in on the weekend of the 4th, so there goes my holiday as I'll have the little people, but it will definitely be a worthy sacrifice. We'll probably take them to the 4th of July Parade and be spectators this year instead of participants. Oh, it's a small town parade. Maybe I'll push them in their double stroller while hubby walks, helping to carry our huge parade flag.

So...hope everything is peachy keen in your corner of the world!

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I am so jealous of those of you who are hot. It is yet ANOTHER cold (64) and rainy day here today. I still have not been to the beach - yesterday the sun was shining but it never got warmer than 65. It has rained 26 out of the last 46 days and they are predicting rain until midweek next week. I am so ready for summer!!!!

Okay - that is it for my weather rant - I will make lemonade out of lemons and curl up with a good book, a good dog, and a good cup of coffee!

Have a wonderful day everyone. Feel well, be strong, have peace


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I understand how you feel Janet. We are finally getting some sunshine and blue sky after about a month of that gray and rainy weather. It gets depressing after so long.I saw a young guy in walmart last night with one of those new electronic cigarettes. It looked like the real deal.Even the vapor looked real. I asked him if it was like a real smoke and he said it helped but he still smoked about a pack a day of regular cigarettes. Im afraid it would lead me back to smoking the real mccoy if I tryed them.

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Earlier this afternoon the temperature here was 92. It's cloudy and 87 now with loud, loud thunder. I just returned from my husband's retirement (from UCF) party. It was a lovely party, wonderful food, and nice gifts. It also was his second retirement, as he retired from the National Science Foundation in 2004.

No, neither of us have a clue as to how he plans to spend his time. :roll:


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Appointment today was at 10 for lab and 10:30 for onc. It's six here now and I've been home for about an hour. Platelets dropped from 154,000 last week to 63,000 this week. Doc sent me to the hosp for a transfusion of platelets. Laid in there and took a short power nap. Then picked up sugarbear from a meeting at her work and took her to a doc appt. There was a mix up and she has to go back tomorrow morning. had to go to my office to return a laptop that I'm not using right now, there's a bunch of insurance junk going on there from a burglary and arson last fall. I'll be back, nose wont quit bleeding.



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