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It's 11:30 am so I can still come in with a GOOD MORNING ALL!

I've been AWOL since Sunday morning. I checked. Don't normally do that. Have not been having fun but I won't bore you with all the gory details. Just let it be said that "we're on the road again....dah dah dah..on the road again." We left NJ behind and are in PA proably close to Wilkes Barre. We have only a loose plan. Stop somewhere on 80 this afternoon and if we like it where we stop we might stay a couple of days for R&R before we continue to Ohio to begin the working part of the trip. This has not been fun and I'm working on a change in attitude. The only good part so far was seeing family but that was all crunched into a time frame that was exhausting. I need to retreat now, recharge my batteries and hopefully begin feeling well again. Dr said either an infection or chronic sinusitus but it's lasted so long--5 or 6 weeks now. I'm taking an antibiotic, Ativan and am exploring related neck and head pain on the net for some self-help with pressure points. I am determined. I will feel good again if it kills me lol.

Hope everyone has a great day. The weather as we've traveled has been gorgeous, mostly sunny, for the most part except for mid day not even too hot.

I had a great experience last night that I have to mention. I was visiting one of my sisters and a neighbor dropped by. She kept looking and my husband and I and finally asked if we were Stan and Judy from Lenz Ave in a nearby burg. We were and she was our twelve year old babysitter for my son when he was a baby. He's 43 now. How nice to know that old and wrinkled, you still retain enough visible evidence of your younger self to be recognized over 40 years later!

Everyone have a great day. I need to join my husband in the copilot seat for awhile but will come back to check the posts since my last visit a little later.

Judy in PA

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Wow....Just you must be doing something....everything....right!!! I highly doubt that anyone I knew 40 years ago would recognize me! Heck, there are times I look in the mirror and can't even seem to recognize myself! So, if you have any secrets hidden up your sleeve, you best start talking!!!

Well, this has been an interesting few days for me. My middle adult son lives with me due to learning disabilities and health concerns. Well, he had an accident on Thursday and broke his hand in two places....where the thumb and the forefinger meet the hand. I was at the Er with him until almost midnight on Thursday and then at the orthopedic surgeons office all afternoon on Friday. The doctor said he needed to have surgery on Monday (yesterday) but lots of tests had to be done because of his heart condition.

If you remember, I had the Orlando convention this weekend and was really torn as what to do about going. My youngest son and DIL were going to be staying at my house anyway and they encouraged me to go to Orlando and assured me things would be fine. I went, had a good but tiring weekend and then yesterday, we were at the hospital all day. Matt seems to be doing great. He's in a cast for a few weeks and has three pins in his right thumb. It's amazing that he's not on much pain...thank goodness.

So...I'm back at work today and it feels like I'm getting rested up for the first time in days!!! I never thought working would feel like rest...LOL

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Good afternoon everyone.

Geesh Judy. I am so sorry you are suffering. Your good attitude is poking through though but one can only take so much. I hope it turns around for you soon.

You have been busy Anne. Rest well at work. And I hope it all slows down for you a bit.

Best wishes on your treatment today Ned.

I am doing pretty good this week. I changed my pain meds last week and that was a complete disaster. I had an awful painful weekend and have now been to the clinic and switched back. Boy this pain mgmt is tricky. But I am feeling better now thank goodness. Pain can really bring you down.

I have been recognized on occasion by folks in my past. My freckles and laugh are usually the give away!

Have a great day everyone!


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I dont look like anything like I did twenty years ago either. Of course I was only 8 :lol::lol: Anyways I have class all week this week and that has been boring considering I have done these classes three times in the past :roll: But it is a requirement of my job! Anyways not only is it classes but it is thirty miles away across the river and through the next city so it has taken me an hour and a half to get home the last two days. In hot weather with a bunch of cops pulling people over for driving in the diamon lane when they are not suppose to be. Thank God I wasn't doing that but I will admit on my bad days I will take my chances. LOL

Thats about it here. Just gettin by for now :D

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