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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! Had to shrink the page and open my desktop calendar to see what day iit is. They are all starting to run together. I did my least favorite thing today. Get up, get a cup of tea and then start right in on my day. I much prefer a long slow lazy wake-up. But I wanted to get a second chance at working out on my machine. Yesterday went so hard. I don't ask my husband to get it out too often when we're moving most every day. I also had to help him with some business stuff. We spent two nights and one day in Bellefonte but are on the road again and will probably only be one night tonight in a campground before heading to the first customer tomorrow in Tiffin PA. Proably stay in the parking lot.

Can't say I'm over whatever this is. My right side decided to give my left a break. I still have a sore through but the right eye was the most swollen this morning and my right ear hurt when I woke up. I'm just hoping it's working it's way through my body like a really bad cold does and one morning I'll wake up and feel great. Who wants to lay odds it will be the day before my infustion in Corning NY lol.

This area of PA has had a lot of showers and storms since we've been here. It's overcast this morning and was chilly when we got up. My husband said it was only about 60 degrees around 10 am. Down in the fifties at night.

Bulletin--husband announced we are at the highest point on US 80 east of the Mississippi. All that means to me is to not look out the window because we'll be going down down down for a long time LOL.

Have a great day and come out and play.

Judy somewhere in PA

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Judy I am so glad to have air today. I hope you do wake up and just feel great but I hope that is tomorrow. :D Well I just feel fabulous today. It is pretty today and going to be in the 90's the news keeps saying it is our first "heat wave" of the summer. I am just excited that I get out of class early today and can go home and get ready for our 4th of July party. Well gotta go break is over!

What is everyone doing for the 4th of July?


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Heidi, I have to tell you, your excitement just jumped off the screen and made me smile. You go girl. I can remember when getting out of classes early was just the best.

I'm afraid I'll be spending the fourth either in a foundry parking lot or traveling to the next location. There will be a wine run in between and I hope I get to see fireworks. Yes, the wine run will be in Indiana. We bring cases of our favorite red--Michigan Tabor Hill--back to Key West. You can only buy it in stores in MI and some parts of IN. Thankfully, now I know if I run out, I can order it online from Sam's Club (but only online out of MI & IN). I'll have to pay shipping so thank goodness it's not an expensive wine.

Heidi, hope you and everyone else have a great celebration. I think I'll make my husband take me somewhere and get a hot dog.

Judy in Ohio

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Hi everyone!

Hope you feel better soon Judy and that you get your hotdog and fireworks for the 4th.

Heidi, we are experiencing similar weather.

Our holiday was yesterday, July 1st is Canada Day. We went out for dinner but I wasn't feeling well enough after to go sit with the thousands in the inner harbour and watch the fireworks. The rest of my family and friends did go though. I think it is the after chemo tiredness catching up with me. Next week is my week off chemo so hopefully my energy will return.

I hope all my American friends have a great July 4th!


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Like everyone else, I really needed air today. It seems like this day has really been dragging on and I just can't wait to run out of these office doors and head home. Today is my Friday for the week and I think it's just that "Friday frame of mind" kicking in a day early.

Judy, I'm hoping three things happen for you this weekend and I'm listing them in the order I hope they happen.....feel better, eat hot dogs and see lots of fireworks.

Heidi, I hope you get out of class early and kick your heels up high.

Sandra...hope you're feeling better and that your energy is returning. Sorry you didn't feel up to enjoying the festivities with your family.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. Although it won't be all fun and games, it will make my heart happy. My oldest son and DIL have been renting a house rather than buying because they have been debating whether to stay in Florida or relocate to the Carolinas. Well, they decided to stay and closed on a lovely home on Monday. This weekend is moving time for them and I will have the grandbabies while Mom and Dad are busy with the move. Of course, any time I have with my little people is wonderful, regardless of what is going on. I'm just so blessed that the new house is only 10 minutes from me and this means I will see them more than ever. The move should be completed in time for fireworks but the mosquitoes are so bad here, I'm not sure if we can handle being outdoors.

Hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July in their little corner of the world!!!

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If they stayed there because of Employment they are very smart Ann!! We are looking at 11 + % in this state and not letting up... Hope all is well of r everyone!

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Ann, if the skeeters are too thick don't shoot off the fireworks. They make a hell of a mess indoors. I been sleepin most of the last few days still. Wake up, look online, back to bed. today I did get a roast in the crockpot. I have no energy at all. Anemic, got another shot on Monday to go with chemo. geeez my but is draggin

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