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He Failed the Test


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The respiratory Therapist for Apria which is our O2 supplier came to the house today to do an assesment on Tom for a portable O2 on demand system. For those not familiar it only gives O2 when you breathe in. It is not a constant flow like the tanks and concentrator that he has now.

Well they hooked Tom up to a few different ones and walked him around and his O2 sats would not go past 86. So he was deemed to have failed the test. He will not get the On Demand. So Apria will get back in contact with the pulmonologist and see what the next step is in trying to get a portable with a constant flow.

We went to the doc a couple of days ago in regards to the cough. The doc gave him some cough syrup with codeine in it and it seems to help him. He will only take it at night though because he said he does not want to drive around with codeine in his system. Then stay home once in a while I say. :roll:

The doc also sent him for a chest x-ray. The results are unchanged from previous. How FAB is that!! :D

We still have until the 3rd for the CT and MRI.

And so I wait


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I agree with Susan. The coughing really takes its toll after a while and of course you always think the worse. Glad the x-ray was good!!!!

Can't wait for the good news about the scan - Tom is one tough cookie - you know he's gonna rock it!!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Denise, sorry Tom's still having breathing difficulties but what a relief the x-ray still looks good. We'll be waiting for the results of the next round of tests. So glad he's getting some relief from the coughing. As far as staying home once in awhile, if he did you'd probably worry he was sick lol. You guys are hanging in there real well.

Judy in Key West

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