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Coughing my brains out


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Just wondering if anyone has found a way to deal w/ a really bad, constant, dry cough. My doc has had me on cough syrup w/ codeine (no good: knocks me out; causes constipation); tessalon pearls (ineffective); Advair inhaler (ineffective). The only thing that gives me any relief is Ricola cough drops. My doc wrote me a scrip for oxycodone but I'm reluctant to fill it for a lot of reasons. Anything working for anybody?

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Hey R&R-

I use Hycodan tabs - they help a lot!!! Since my cough is a lot from the amount of sinus drainage I have, they also put me on a nasal spray called Antivert. That really helps, too.

That cough can become so annoying at times - and there are times when nothing helps that much. I hope you can find something that will help.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Vicks on the bottom of your feet. One of my dear friends who had a horrible cough during her journey with lung cancer had coughing fits. She tried just about everything and anything and one of the things she tried and was shocked it worked was Vicks on the bottom of her feet.

One of her tumors were growing in her lung causing her to cough unstopped. She really did try just about everything even for short term comfort.

I have another friend who has radiation damage in her right lung causing her to cough all the time too. She's had this cough ever since she completed radiation treatments 8+ years ago. She's still here and still cancer free but still has her cough. Some days are worse then others, and some days are pretty darn good too. She too takes whatever will give her comfort.

The hard thing with all this is, it could be sinus related or it could be a tumor in the wrong spot related, or it could be medication or treatment related. Hard to say what it is, but use whatever makes you comfy. Drinking warm water helps sometimes for me.

I can't remember if you had radiation or not, but it could be caused from radiation too. Hound your doctor's.

Good luck to you.

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Guest Windsongs

I agree with Hycodan use. It works wonders for me and does not really clash with my other drugs.

Good luck with calling your doctor to see if it is compatible with your drug list.

Hugs and support for you!


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Two additional things which helped me included using a humidifier at night and a saline nasal spray (ocean spray). I also used the cough syrup and lots of cough drops. I was ready to try the Vicks on the bottom of the feet when my cough finally got a little better. I've not tried, but have heard it from several different sources so may be something to it.


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My cough needed prednisone in order to calm it down. I anm slowily decreasing the prednisone now to hopefully calm the beast for good. I also have taken tesslon pearls with the prednisone.

Good luck, let us know if you found something that has helped you.


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Well I've tried the Vicks on the feet, been on Prednisone for months, Mucinex, cough liquid, cough drops, the only relief I'm getting at all is hydrocodone and then it is very short lived. I've been coughing so long now that my ribs hurt all the time and my hips are even starting to hurt.

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