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The Pirate


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A pirate walked into a bar and the Bartender said, 'Hey, I Haven't seen you in a while. What happened? You look terrible.' 'What Do you mean?' said the pirate, I feel Fine.' Bartender: 'What about the Wooden leg? You didn't have That Before.' Pirate: 'Well, we were in a Battle and I got hit with a cannonball, but I'm Fine now.' Bartender: 'Well, OK, but What about that hook? What happened To your Hand?'

Pirate: 'We were in another Battle . I boarded a ship and got Into a sword Fight. My hand was cut off. I Got fitted with a hook. I'm Fine, Really.' Bartender: 'What about that Eye patch?' Pirate: 'Oh, one day we Were at sea and a flock of birds Flew over. I looked up And One of them pooped in my Eye.' 'You're kidding,' said the Bartender, 'you lost an eye Just from bird Poop?' Pirate: 'It was my first day With the Hook.'

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