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Cancer Support Jewelry (Custom designed)


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Hi, I lost my Dad to LC back in 2004 and couldn't have possibly made it through the journey without Katie and this website. I don't come here too often anymore, part of the healing process I suppose. I began a journey of my own last year this time making custom designed jewelry to honor cancer fighters, and survivors and sadly those who were taken from us. I began with bracelets and now have added necklaces to the line. I donate a % of all my profits to the Lungevity Foundation so I hope you will take a look at the site and pass it along to friends and family.


Love, Sharon

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I have friends who wear chains Mens necklaces. I just cat find the right one though that i like !!!! Always looking. And IO have one of Debs fave diamond charms that i used to wear on her chain but am afraid of the chain breaking!!

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Randy, I did give some thought to a mens line, but, couldn't really come up with a design that was "masculine" enough ya know??? I did custom design a few mens bracelets through a special order with black hemitite beads and then larger initial beads in the center... they were nice but don't think I would really have the demand for them. Again, I thank you for your mention on the FB acct. YOU ROCK!!

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