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An actual diagnosis


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So we finally received an actualy diagnosis. Dad had a bronchoscopy and endobrachial ultrasound on Tuesday. The biopsy of his lung mass (lower left lobe) and lymph node confirmed non-small cell lung cancer. He also has the lesion in his brain. The pulmonologist will contact the chemo dr and neurosurgeon to decide what comes first - chemo or brain surgery....most likely will be brain surgery.

I feel like we waited and waited for these biopsy results for some answers, but don't really feel like we have anymore answers than yesterday...this is what we expected. For Dad, I think it just set in...the diagnosis, the treatment, the long road ahead. Maybe when they call back this afternoon with more of a plan, I'll feel like there are more answers. Until then.....more waiting......

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Most of us know what it is to wait for treatment to get organized so that you actually have a plan. It is easier for everyone when you have a treatment plan ahead. At that point , you take it one day at a time . We will be here to help you through and support you. There are so many wonderful, kind and knowledgeable members here who will do their best to be here for you , share information or lend an ear or a shoulder when needed. Glad you found us. Please keep us updated .



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Dad will have surgery on Tuesday to remove the brain tumor. They expect he will be in the hospital about 4 days. Then he will start chem and radiation after he recovers (probably a couple weeks). I will be going back to NC Sept 21st so am relieved that I'll be able to be with him and mom through surgery.

Tuesday works out perfectly. Tomorrow is my niece's 6th birthday so my sister will have a family cookout and Dad will get to go to one last soccer game of my nephew's before surgery, too. Long before the cancer diagnosis, my siblings and I had planned a big surprise anniversary party for our parents this Sunday. It's no long a surprise, but it will be great to get together will all of our family and friends on Sunday afternoon...what a great support we have. The Monday night we'll have another family dinner for my other nephew who turns 2. So it will be a fun, busy weekend which will help Tuesday come a little easier and a little faster.

Thank you all for your support! I am so glad I found this site.

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So glad you found this site altho I am sorry you have the need to.

Believe it or not, things begin to be a bit easier once a treatment plan is in place. Then you can begin to knuckle down and fight this beast.

Hope his surgery is easy on him and please let us know how it goes. And please remember to take care of yourself, too.

Your dad is very lucky to have you by his side.

Hugs - Patti B.

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I will keep your dad and your family in my prayers tomorrow as he has his surgery. I too do the long distance care-giving/worrying for my mom who is in Wilmington. I just got back from spending a week with her yesterday.

I hope you have a great family dinner tonight and that your dad goes to he hosptial tommorow fortified by all of the family celebrations you've had this weekend.


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Dad's surgery went well on Tuesday. The doctors are confident they got all of the tumor. He has barely complained of pain from the surgery and as far as that goes is recovering well.

We finally met with the chemo dr yesterday evening. I'm not sure what we expected to hear, but I think we were all a little disappointed. He has poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma which according to his Dr is a more aggressive form. Probably the most disappointing news was that his MS may prohibit their most aggressive treatment options. They are debating whether to use the platinum drugs because of the toxicities, especially neuropathy since he already has neuropathy from the MS. They have also decided not to do chemo and radiation of the chest together for the same reason. He can't have radiation to his whole brain because they are worried about worsening his MS so he will have Gamma Knife to the surgical area. Knowing that chemo is designed to target rapidly dividing cells and this an agressive form gives me a little more hope that treatment will be successful.

We though he would be leaving the hospital today, but will probably be here until atleast tomorrow. The chemo Dr wants him to get his port put in before he leaves to save another trip for an outpatient surgical procedure. He is also have problem with his existing chronic rib pain problem (from arthritis) and complicating that is that he has not had a bowel movement. So he's here until he gets the port and has a bowel movement.

I'm getting more and more worried about leaving him and my mom on Monday. I have spent most of my time sitting with mom and am sad to leave her alone. My brother and sister have children and demanding jobs so aren't as available. I'm sure they will step up more once I leave as well as mom's super supportive friends. I am thankful for that.

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