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A late hall pass


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Had to send hubby by ambulance to ER two days ago, so no time to post for a hall pass. He has pneumonia again and they are running a battery of tests and 24 hr IV antibiotics. I've never heard of that....there are about 6 different kinds of them ? I'll post again when we get more info....take care everyone please ?

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Sorry, Michele, for the latest development.

Being monitored is needed, and hopefully, his health will improve. Hospitals are, as noted, can bring some good results. They have the meds.

When Bill was in recently, he was OK with it at the beginning, but when he began to complain, we knew he was getting better. Hoping the same for your husband.

Please let us know, when you are able, how things are going.

Keeping you and hubby in my daily prayers. Wishing you comfort,


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