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Saturday's Air


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Morning all! Looks a little overcast at close to 9 am. We are still looking forward to the cooler air moving in tomorrow though.

I have to report that the paper today announced that the Overseas Highway (US 1 from the mainland to the southermost point in KW) received the "All-American Road" designation. It's the highest federal recognition for a roadway that posses characteristics of national significance and unique features. It is a long and often infuriatingly slow drive. But I always tell anyone coming down who has the time and inclination to do so to drive the Keys and in the daylight. The views along the way are often breathtaking and well worth the trip.

Yes Lily, things often get quiet on the boards on Fridays into the weekends. I went out at nine-thirty yesterday morning and was surprised not to get home until two-thirty. I hadn't planned on being out that long. It took a couple of stops to find the flu shot (Hospice was all out) and paperwork to fill out blah blah blah. My friend Loreen and I meandered around KMart and stopped to talk with a friend of mine (another cancer survivor) we ran into. I hadn't seen her since before my diagnosis and she looks great. Listening to her though, I realized she still doing some kind of hormone treatment (breast cancer) and still hasn't gotten over the hassles of the dx and initially not having insurance. I know her employer and her story is great: When she was dx'd and no one would treat her, he got insurance for all his employees so she would be covered (after a 90 day wait).

I am going on and on this morning. I seem to not want to get up and get going. Can't believe I went to bed at 8 pm and didn't get up until 7:30 am. Ask myself, is something wrong or is my body just doing what it needs after an infusion. I should be kicking into feeling good real soon. Hopefully it will be today. I have a bday party to go to.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Hello Judy

I am glad to see someone on here this morning. Once again I was up at 4:30 just can't seem to sleep later then I am worn out all day. If I take a nap that sets me up for a sleepless night. That is if I can take a nap usually if I do I only sleep from 10 to 20 minutes. Maybe someday my body will get the idea that I really am retired.

At least my emotions are better today. I think having an understanding with Terry about our relationship has really helped. I won't lie there is a part of me that wants more but then again it sure is nice having someone who is a real friend and not having to worry about all the strings and restrictions that go with other relationships.

We had mid 80s again yesterday and they are expected today too. Tomorrow it is supposed to cool down to the 70s then cooler still with a chance of a little rain. We need the rain and I don't really mind it. One thing really nice is that with the rain in the valley comes the snow in the mountains. Shasta and Lassen were both bare of snow and now they are wearing a new white dressing. That with the autum leaves make for a lot of beauty around here.

Well I am off to the shower then out with Misty and maybe anther walk. That depends on how sleepy I get. Have a great weekend everyone.

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I beat Bud to it this morning! don't get me wrong, I love hearing from Bud and all the rest of you guys, but the last time I looked in to add to the Air, Bud beat me to it and you guys don't need the weather and all that from about 50 or so miles apart.

Beautiful autumn weather today!, cool (in the low 60's), light breeze, beautiful Autumn sunshine (I love the way the sun looks in the autumn!), just perfect weather!

Unfortunately, after 2 weeks of rain, I have to again, sweep and mop the kitchen and dining room floor. My youngest son's lovely girlfriend did it the last time for me, but she is out of town right now, so it looks like me and my girls get to do it. Along with writing out the Thanksgiving grocery list. We start buying the stuff we need about a month and a half before the actual day so the cost doesn't hit all at one.

Well, I think I will get the floor done today and then spend some time out on the back patio watching the dogs run in the sun and fresh air.

Oh! I finally found my camera software (again!) so once I get that installed I can send you all pictures of the lovely autumn we seem to be having.

I hope you all have a wonderful, refreshing day.


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Yes, Dawn, it turned beautiful today, but when I hopped on my bike at 8:00 am, it was 46 degrees, with a light north wind. That's a bit chilly on a bicycle.

My friend who was going to ride a 200k with me today backed out, so I took off solo from my driveway and rode 105.3 miles, doing a loop through scenic rural Johnson County and Hill County, making stops at Alvarado, Covington, and Godley. I got home just after 4:00 pm.

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