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I have an idea to run by you Randy and some of the other members. As I have learned sense I joined many of our members are on Facebook. I know that someone posted a memory board that had been passing around to thousands. My idea is a little different but still along those lines.

Many of us who have been here for a long time have memories of some of the very special people that we have lost in the past few years. I suggest that each of us for the month of November post our opening status each day with the words Novemeber is Lung Cancer awareness month and then post in loving memory of one of our dear departed members. I hate to say it but we would have enough for the whole month.

I know that it is not much but maybe if enough people see it people will be more aware. Maybe then they would see it as a people disease not just a smokers disease. I believe that it is then and only then that the funding will be easier to get and people will find the drive to support our movement that they have been putting behind Breast Cancer. :!:

Also on here I think each day we should search or archives and repost in memory of someone one of their specail posts. One that either made us laugh or cry or just plain gave a lot of needed support or information.

Do either of these things sound good to you? I think too that we should all in our private converstaions with family and friends remind them that this is lung cancer awareness month and always mention it at the local stores when they still have up Breast Cancer Awareness signs. Remind them that it is November and time to remember Lung Cancer Awareness.

I don't have the money but if I did I would take out a full page add in the local newspaper just to remind everyone and tell them the reasons why it can be just as dangerous to anyone as it is to smokers.

Anyway someone give me some feed back. What do you all think. I think personally I will do that on Facebook tomorrow morning. The first day for me has to be in memory of one of our members that none who knew can ever forget. Dean Carl :!:

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sadly my 2 years of digging through the obituary section in january seemed to have disappeared!! I had a list of everyone who passed away during the year! I believe I was close to 200 after year 2!!

Is good idea Lily!!

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I also have a Facebook account. I don't use it that much but I think I will put up a post every week this month (or even daily) about November being Lung Cancer Awareness month as Lily has suggested.

If it will helpbring more awareness, get rid of the stigma and possibly loosen a few purse strings, you betcha.

Great idea Lily and Randy


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Just came on here and saw this. To let you know- I have been posting a fact a day on FB about lung cancer- thought I would forego my status updates for the month and instead post lc facts and occasional tributes. I'm sure by the end of the month I'll be 'unfriended' by some since I'm like a broken record but of course, they would not truly be my friends then anyway, so good riddance. 8):wink:

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