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Morning All! Another beautiful sunny day in Orlando. There are lots of posts since my last visit I should respond to but am not up to it this morning. Not sick, just slugging against emotions going into this onc visit. I am a bit sick with worry but am more so mad that the delay in making these appointments resulted in this wait. I haven't forgotten I had to call two or three times before the order was put in. I need to just let it go and get through this.

I'll be getting up now and get ready early for the 10:45 visit and then do what I can to stow for the trip to PSL. We have to get a late check-out and will have to load the car when we get back.

Have a great day everyone and here's hoping I come back with great news.

Judy in Key West

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I've been up again since about 1am this morning. Came to check emails and my isp was down grrrrrrrrrr So, I started a pot of coffee and waited....finally came back up. Good thing because without my computer these days I would go insane!

I'm sending many prayers out to you Judy!!!!! Post as soon as you can my friend because you know how much we all love and care for you!

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You all beat me this morning. It is 6:30 and I just got my first cup of coffee. Judy my heart will be in my thoat until I hear how your test went. A million prayers are going up for you right now.

Michelle I remember only too well those sleepless nights. I also remember how addicted I was to my computer. Mine had a glitch one time for about 3 days and I was totally lost and frantic. As it turned out it was one of those experiences that I had so frequently in those days. Some day I will share that with you.

I have promised myself that I will spend only one hour on my computer this morning then I have to get some house work done. I have never let my house get so messy before not gotten so behind in any of my projects. I have just a month left before my trip so I need to get myself in gear today.

I am still having some issues over my feelings for Terry. Part of me wants to go forward and the other part is saying stop before I am hurt. He says he needs no one and then he seems to always be here for me. I think we are both trying to tell ourselves that what we feel means nothing but it just doesn't go away. I am thinking that when I am gone for over a month it will help us both to sort out how we really fee.

In the mean time I have the aniversaries to deal with and they not only get me down but scare me. I am always aftaid to face thoe memories and all of the pain that goes with them.

Well I need to check the rest of the board, email and facebook. Again Judy I will be praying and comming to check for news from you.

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Good morning, everyone! Best wishes for great results, Judy!

It's another beautiful day here in North Texas, 50 degrees as I pedaled to work, headed for the 70's this afternoon. Since I'm not working tomorrow, I can say I rode my bike to work every work day this week.

Not much else going on here, I'm just trying to get through this week's version of Friday.

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Judy, I'm saying lots of prayers this morning and doing a lot of clock watching with you!

Michelle....so sorry your ISP was down. I get so ticked off when that happens to me. It seems like there is always something that you really need to be doing online when it's down. Sorry that your sleep wasn't better. Things will get better. I know it doesn't seem that way now, but they will.

Lillian....only an hour on the puter this morning????? How can you manage that with all the great friends you have online????

Wow...that North Texas weather sounds great. We've cooled down a bit but are still going to be in the 80's today. I want sweatshirt weather!!! Can someone send some cool temps my way???

I had a real treat last night and had the grandbabies at my house for dinner and playtime. They are so precious and they always bring a huge smile to my face, regardless of the kind of day I've had.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!!

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YEAHHHH!!!! My onc said she couldn't be more pleased. My results showed great response to treatment. I'll explain in more detail in Tests/Updates but wanted you guys to know as soon as possible. So I stay on Alimta for awhile and I'm happy for that.

Judy in Key West

P.S Lilly

He says he needs no one

I think it was Oprah or someone she had on her show who said, when a man tells you something like this, believe him, it's true. It really has no connection to him being able to be there for you in a friendship sense. Obviously, he's up to that but not a committed loved relationship. Has more to do with his capacity or lack thereof to love than anything to do with you. Nothing you can do can make it happen.

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Oh Judy I have been busy but have kept checking. I am so glad. I just knew it. Prayers do work :!:

Thanks for the advice but the problem is he says one thing then says something else that counters what he says. He also acts the oposite most of the time. Men why do we ever have to have them in our lives?

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