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Tuesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Wow, where's a crickets sound effects file when you need one? I'm surprised no one started the Air today.

It was another beautiful day in north Texas today, 57 degrees as I rode to work, and 75 degrees as I pedaled home.

I administered a shot for the first time last night. Rose's surgeon gave her Lovenox to take home to prevent blood clots, telling her to give herself shots daily. She came home and said there was no way that was happening, so I instantly became the designated shot giver. Should I change my ID to Nurse Bud?

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I agree it is different with no Judy starting the air. Not sure if she got lost on the drive home.

Well it was -20 today and we have 6" of snow on the ground. So the only thing I can ride here is a snowmobile!!!

Nurse Bud it is.

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Guess I heard you talking about me because here I am! I was going to start an Air a couple of hours ago but it was so late. Thanks Bud and I love the cricket bit.

I didn't get lost but after getting home last evening I did get caught up in "stuff" today. Had chores, finger stick at the Cancer Center in KW, cancer group tonight, dinner with friends after group. Oh, and I also got caught up in trying to crop my new pic for my avatar. The old one was well, getting old. I had Stan snap this in the coach while we were in Orlando. Only took five to get a good one LOL.

Bud, I think you are awesome. A few years ago, my daughter was giving me allergy shots. Then she up and moved. I'm with Rose, no way was I shooting myself. Stan gave them to me and frankly, he was really good at it as I'm sure you are. Rose is lucky to have an in-house nurse.

Bruce, that weather is just ridiculous when you consider it was 87 degrees here today lol. Your blood must be thick as tar living up there. Throw a snowball for me, will you. Then I can vicariously have the fun with no frostbitten toes.

Have a great evening everyone. I hope this avatar works because I am tired.

Judy in Key West

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