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Michelle, are you saying you didn't edit your 11/17/2009 post later that same day to change whatever was there to "deleted"? This is very puzzling, because if a moderator deleted a post for some reason (can't imagine why that would be done in your case), the post would just disappear. They would have to "edit" your post and delete the existing text and type in "deleted" for it to turn out the way it did, and why anyone would do that is beyond me. I looked in the Administration Control Panel which moderators have access to, but the log doesn't go back that far. Maybe you could send Katie a PM to see if she has an idea what happened. Aloha,


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Hello Michelle:

I have been thinking of you this week and hoping that time has been okay for you. I do understand, I am still in grief and denial mode, but am hoping that you are dealing with it.


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I wish i had the magic answer but like everyone else I don't Michelle. I do know that for the first year or so it was the worst specially the first year . Then I kind of went into an autopilot mode and if I did not think about it I did not really pay attention but Like the proverbial elephant in the room it is always there! It is not like I was trying to forget, but the time and everything else kind of washed away some of the pain but not the memory of that night! I can still tell you the details of debs passing but I really don't get emotional anymore, unkess I go to visit her grave and some days out of the blue I go there just to say hi to her and Daisy dawg! I had daisy's ashes spread over debs grave so they are together !! it takes a lot for the emotions to start up but not much for the memories after 4 and a half years if this helps you any!! Hugs and prayers and You know where to find me if You need anything !!!

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