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Sunday's Air


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It was nice to wake up in my other home this morning. It's chilly in KW, only 60-something when I got up. I set out my little space heater (actually had it on while I was up) in my living area last night and had the one in my bedroom on while I slept. They just take the hard chill off but I greatly appreciated that. I know you folks up north don't think "hard chill" and "60-something" go together but....O.k., I think the 40s are more hard chill. I'll give you that much lol.

I've started "fluffing" the tree this morning. Will do it and the trimming a little at a time. I'm feeling peaceful since I got home with no urge to race around and get anything done by any defined time-frame. I thought about it when I was driving home--I used to do that trip by my own defined "beat the clock." This time it was "whenever." Just grateful I left early and was home by mid-afternoon.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Great to hear that you are back home Judy and sounds like you are taking it a little easier.

Now I'm not sure about 60's being chilly. LOL When we hit -60, we consider it a little chilly. actually it has been very mild here for this time of the year. Last night it was in the 20's and usually it would be -20's by now.

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Happy Sunday, all! I had a very busy weekend and just haven't stopped in to post. It was family, food, and football Thursday.

Friday, I hitched onto the boat and went fishing, for the first time since July. It had been more than 35 years since I'd gone that long without a fishing trip, a testament to the fact that I'm too busy these days.

Yesterday, I did a 127 mile bike ride with friends. One is recovering from a stress fracture in her leg (and probably had no business on the bike yesterday), so it was an easy pace ride that took us almost 11 hours.

This morning, I hopped on my commute bike and did 25 miles. I had installed new disc brakes on it Friday after I got home from fishing, and wanted to test ride before a real commute. I ended up doing some more work on the bike after the ride.

A lean, mean, commuting machine! (Well ok, not that lean these days, neither bike nor rider...)


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Well Bud it is good to hear that you were busy and out enjoying yourself. I can't even imagine riding that many miles.

Now the fishing trip I can relate to. Another couple weeks and it will be ice fishing season here. Then we can get into the lakes that you can only get to by plane in the summer. Where the big fish are. Anyone that has seen the series Ice Road Trucker's will know the lakes.

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I'll say hi to Alex as soon as he return's from the tour he is doing down your way Randy. He even has a line of clothing out now.

At least with ice fishing Judy there are no bugs. LOL

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