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Monday's Air


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Morning All! Beautiful but chilly morning in KW. I'm running out of steam more and more every day. But my infusions, now permanently moved to Wed after my screw up when my daughter was in the hospital, is this week. I think I've been trying to get as much holiday stuff done before then just in case I'm not feeling all that great. The eye burning/light sensitivity is hanging on and not helping at all.

Had dinner with neighbors last night. It was nice. Didn't get the call to see the baby chicks and was glad. After doing laundry and grocery shopping, I didn't really feel up to a drive up the Keys.

Stan is due in tomorrow so I'd better get up and going. I like to be a little caught up so we can just chill together for awhile. I have my group and dinner afterwards tomorrow night. I always feel bad when he's just gotten home. But it's hard to keep friends when you have to put things on the back burner so often because he's come home. We'll probably have several hours before I have to go and he doesn't seem to mind.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Happy Monday everyone! It's in the 30;s outside this morning. I hear we have snow on the way. A little bit would be okay, but last year my husband had to shovel it out of the driveway so I could go grocery shopping. I'm thinking I should head out today and stock up just in case.

Went to pick up my kitten "Randy" yesterday. I keep trying to look to make sure it's a girl but at this early age it's hard to tell, plus I don't think she likes to be exposed! LOL She's very loving and I think she will be ruling the house soon. Right now she's crawling all over my keyboard causing me to back track while typing this. Only one problem with her....she has terrible GAS! Not fun when I have her tucked under my robe when it happens. Perhaps it's due to the type of food they were giving her. I just hope this new kitten food changes all that.

Today I have yet another financial issue to take care of since my husbands passing. I had no clue that not only does the social security pull funds out and then reimburse weeks later, but apparently the pension works the same way. I had transferred most all money into another account and now I have the see if the bank manager can reverse all those stupid nsf fees and close that account completely.

Judy, sorry you're feeling tired and having problems with your eyes. I hope today will be better for you.

I know Lilly just left on vacation yesterday but I miss her already


Have a good day everyone! Gotta run....the kitty wants to type! LOL

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It's a rainy morning here on Florida's Space Coast and I'm so thankful for all of the rain we have gotten this weekend. Hopefully, this will keep us from having a high risk of fires. The temperatures really dropped down on Saturday and it was really nice, although it didn't last long enough. Today, it's in the 70"s and by Wednesday it's going to be 82. Then, we get another front coming through and the temps will drop into the low 70's for the weekend.

I'm trying my best to keep the Christmas spirit going but this has to be my worst time of year. I used to love Christmas time and couldn't get enough of it but losing Dennis on December 15th just seemed to take away all the joy and excitement I used to feel at this time of year. I really wish I could turn a page on my calendar and make it January 1st.

I so envy all of you that are getting snow!!! Anyone want to trade placed for a few weeks? Michelle, I'll come and shovel your driveway....lol

Like others, I already miss Lillian!!! I know she will have a great time with her family but she will be missed by her LC family!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day.


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Good morning!!!! It is cold and gray here today - brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Yesterday we went and cut down our tree - it was icy and snowy and freezing cold - just the way it should be when searching for the perfect tree! We had to shake all the snow off each tree so we could see what they looked like! Still, the tips of the one we got had huge ice chunks on the end of each branch that melted all over my living room floor!

Today I am off to do a little bit of shopping before my Dr. appt. I am SO far behind because of being sick all last week - and I hate the stress of not being done.

Judy, I hope you feel better today - take it easy - be kind to yourself!

Michelle, I think this kitten will do a world of good for you! In my experience animals are the BEST medicine for all that ails us!

I will not be on as much - here and facebook - in the next week or so - my computer is acting very funky and I think we are going to bring it in for work :(

peace - janet

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Good Morning! Of course it is one of those Mondays where I did not want to get out of bed. It is dry here today but we have what they are calling a "Arctic Blast". It is 24 hear this morning and our high today will be 30 :cry: All I want is to warm up! My bones are cold :shock: Tomorrow the weather will be the same and then we warm up to the mid to high 30's the rest of the week. Well should be a busy day today at work. I sure miss my part time job. I have not tended to my farm on FB for many weeks I have many gifts waiting and just no time or energy :cry:

Anyways, hope everyone has a great day!

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Well, it was a busy day here. Hope you're feeling better, Judy.

It was 46 degrees and dry when I got up this morning, so I rode my bike to work. But it ended up being one of those days when the weather forecasters should have been fired. They called for it to stay dry and reach 50 degrees, but a couple of hours after I got to work, it started getting colder and misting. By noon, it was 39 degrees with a steady mist, and stayed that way the rest of the day.

Somewhere on the ride home, I passed 7,000 miles on my bike for the year. That was my mileage goal for 2009.

I hope everyone had a nice day.

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