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Saturdays Air!


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Thanks for opening Randy. Love the pic. Did anyone show up for your event last night? Looks like you guys are getting slammed. You all probably love it since it doesn't happen often.

It is partly sunny, breezy and chilly in KW today. My desktop says 71 degrees. My indoor thermometer says 75. We have the doors and windows open (my fresh air fiend husband lol) and I'm wearing a sweater with a lap blanket thrown over it.

I cannot believe I stood in line at the PO earlier in the week to mail a package and forgot to buy stamps! The line was worse this morning but someone said Winn Dixie next door had stamps. I went there and got a book and went back to the PO to mail the last five cards going to the States. We have a box on the counter where you can jump the line and put in mail ready to go. When I got home it was still early enough to go online, find out how much it cost to send one to Canada and one to London. They are out for the mailman and whalla, all done!

Hope you're all having a great day. Not too much shopping, I think, in the snow states.

Judy in Key West

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As long as you have power and heat, being snowed in isn't all that bad. You can catch up on the laundry, vacuum the refrigerator coils, clean out behind the washer and dryer, wash the inside of the fridge, clean your oven, vacuum the furniture, bathe the dog...all those things you never have time to do otherwise, now that you are a prisoner in your own home...

Or, just do like the rest of us lazy folks do when snowed in - fire up the DVD player and start watching movies! Curl up in a big blanket with a favorite pet or person and enjoy the unexpected day off... Don't stress that you haven't completed your Christmas shopping, that you still need groceries for the big get-together or that your car needs gas and new wiper blades before you brave any kind of inclement weather... Nope, don't worry about that stuff at all, you're on a forced vacation, so ENJOY IT! LOL

I hope the snow doesn't lead to power outages, either by pulling the lines down or cars careening into the poles... Stay warm, between snow angel sessions, I'll think of you while I'm out Christmas shopping, and buying groceries, and maintaining my car. Roads are icy here, but not covered with snow. Just an inch accumulated overnight. It is, however, pretty chilly....one would not want to have all the windows open, the air is beyond "fresh"!

To be honest, though, I am tired of the snow already, and it's not even Christmas! I wouldn't mind a white Christmas, if the snow would all melt and it would warm up to the 50's, at least! :roll: Maybe I should consider relocating to a more southerly area, or visit Bruce so I could appreciate how WARM it is here! (Shout out to you, Bruce, on the frozen tundra!)

I love those changing seasons, but mostly when they change to something warmer...

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what is your facebook address!?

If Ya do a search there for Randy Wallin Look for greensboro! There are only about 4 of us around there!

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