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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! Looked at the TV, lots of snow. Looked out the window, no snow. But it is still overcast and my desktop temp says 69 degrees. That is supposed to be today's high with a low of 57 tonight. Heater time!

BTW, inexplicably my notice feature on the site is working again the past couple of days. Wonder if it happened with that upgrade. I didn't do anything to make it happen. I was too lazy.

My husband commented today that this time was not a great post-infusion time for me. I guess not but it hasn't been consistently problematic. I'm not looking forward to Wednesday when the eye issue will likely kick in. That's every day, day after day for a week or more. Maybe I'll experience some Christmas magic and it will skip this one.

We've having company for dinner tonight. My reasoning is if I'm ready for that tonight, I'm ready for Christmas dinner on Friday. Still have the gifts to wrap. A job I used to love--decorating from a hallmark pamphlet I still have. That is just all too tedious for me now. Wish I could get into it.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

P.S. Becky Snowflake, I love your posts LOL.

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Good morning, Judy! Good morning, everyone!

I got up yesterday morning and did a 131 mile ride. The second half of it was directly against a howling north wind, and I was seriously wiped out when I finished. I dropped all my ambitions for today and decided to vigorously pursue doing nothing all day.

Have a great Sunday, all!

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Amazing to me, is that no matter how early I begin Christmas shopping (it was January this year), I still never finish until just before Christmas. I guess it has a lot to do with having FOUR teenagers on my list. They don't really want anything, yet there's plenty they DON'T want... lol

Looks like tomorrow will be a day of cookie baking, but not in my kitchen....I get to WATCH instead of being the baker for nine hours as in years past. I figure I can sample the dough, comment on the crispness of each batch, and down a gallon of milk!

Anyone seen Randy or have those evil little snowmen carted him back to their igloo?

After finishing shopping late last night, I have some wrapping to do and then all that's left is a million loaves of Friendship Bread to bake on the 23rd when the starter is ready. Then, I'm finished with the stuff until next year, who wants to have loaves of sweet bread every ten days while trying to lose 30 pounds of stubborn fat? Yeah, I see you nodding, you KNOW what I mean...

Keeping warm, thank goodness for thermal!

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Good morning from Louisiana.

Judy I am hoping the eye problem will be at least milder this time and that your dinner tonight goes well. I went shopping with my daughter yesterday. It was a mad house here. I can't believe that the traffic is worse and the prices are higher than in California where I live. Things have sure changed here sense Katrina.

Bud you sure have my admiration. I am trying to make myself do at least some of my exercises while on vacation but so far it hasn't really worked. Then of coarse there is all of the sea food and the best way to eat it is fried or boiled with a good high calorie dipping sauce. So again I will say how much I admire you and think you deserve a days rest.

Snowflake don't you feel good to have everything done? Baking sounds like fun. My daughter and I will do some Christmas eve. My granddaughter is here from Kentucky and she wants some of my peanut butter cookies. We are also going to make the cream cheese spritz that all of the family are crazy about. I made up a key lime pie before I left home and will make that but I also want to try one that my grandson suggested. I will use the same recipe and use grapefruit juice instead of lime juice. You never know how it will come out unless you try. Could be a reall winner.

Well we will be leaving after while to go to my great grand daughter's third birthday party. They have been down from Kentuky sense Wednesday but I haven't seen them yet. Her father in law had heart surgery in New Orleans and they have been up there everyday. I also haven't seen my oldest son yet. He was off shore out of Galveston on a job until Thursday then had to go to Alabama to do a job. He called a while ago and said he has to leave tonight to go to a cruise ship in Mexico and work on the life boat. So I will only see him for a short while. His oldest daughter has been sick and the weather has kept most of us in until yesterday. We had about 8 inches of rain Monday night and Tuesday morning. The total here fro the month of December is 25 inches. I don't think we saw that much where I live in the whole last year or more.

Well I need to run. I have something to post about Marisa in the General forum. Take care and have a very gentle and loving Christmas even if it will not be so happy for many . My thoughts, prayers and love are with all of you.

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I am fine don't panic yet!!! I can sic Mocha on their igloo and she will crush them if they get out of hand! mocha the enforcer! She protects her friends and the one that feeds her!!!

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I always enjoy reading these, but don't often post but have more time since I'm through with shopping, and only baking left to do and am taking the week off work.

It is raining here in Oregon (what else is new?), but not too cold so hopefully not snowing in the mountains and messing up traffic for the holidays. I am going to "practice" making my mother's pumpkin pie recipe today. Sounds sad that at my age I have to practice, I know, but I am not Betty Crocker (although my Mom was) and the only time 30 years ago I tried her recipe it was a disaster (more like pumpkin pudding) -- so am going to have a practice run in time to pick up a Mrs. Smith's if necessary. :lol:


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Just pick up a can of Libby's Pumpkin Pie MIX...make sure you get the mix not just plain pumpkin. Follow the recipe on the back and you get perfect pumpkin pie every time(unless you burn it...lol)

My sister like to have beat me up when she found out that the pie she thought I slaved over took just 2 eggs, about a cup of condensed milk and a store bought pie shell, lol.

Seriously, no need to practice with this one.


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You "natural born" cooks just don't understand how "recipe challenged" some of us are!

Well, my pie's done - and while edible - just barely - I do think I've figured out where I went wrong. My Mom's recipe says things like "small can" of pumpkin or evap. milk (keep in mind these recipes are mostly 50+ years old and can sizes seem to have changed). I couldn't figure out what a small can of evap. milk was (thought I was kidding when I said I was recipe challenged, didn't you?) so looked it up on the internet. According to the net, a small can of evap. milk is 5/8 of a cup (or 5 ounces). That's what I used. Well, wrong, I should have used the whole can. Told my husband to just put extra whip cream on it and that'll water it down a little. :lol:

BUT -- now that I've figured out my error (the only one I hope), I'm off to the store to stock up on more ingredients -- am NOT giving up even if it kills me or uses up all the pumpkin stock in town - whichever comes first.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.


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