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Monday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone! It was 42 degrees as I got ready to head to work this morning, with a high in the 60's forecast.

I never got around to putting a backup tail light on my commuting bike, just using the one on the back of my helmet. Like many plastic snap-together bike tail lights, it turns out that mine was prone to falling apart once you have it apart for any reason then snap it back together. I replaced the batteries in it last week, and didn't put a spot of glue on it when I reassembled it like I should have.

Somewhere on the long ride Saturday, it must have fallen apart. I discovered this as I was ready to leave for work this morning. I looked around my garage for another tail light that could be quickly clipped onto the bike, but there was nothing to be found that would be a fast enough install to help me this morning.

Faced with the choice of riding without a tail light or just driving to work, I did the unthinkable, getting on my bike and heading for work. I didn't even make it out of Crowley before a police car passed me on Crowley Road, pulled over on the shoulder, stopped, and turned his lights on. By the time I pulled up to a stop behind him, he was standing behind the vehicle. He said, "Do you realize you don't have a light on the back at all?" I replied that it had broken, and I would fix it when I got home this afternoon. He said, "Well, I see you here every day, and you always have great lights, and I just wanted to make sure you knew that your tail lights weren't working today."

I thanked him, and we both went on our way. You don't suppose I'll lose points with Santa for riding without a taillight today, do you?

Have a great day, all!

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Wow Bud you found a policeman who hasn't had his day ruined yet by someone who should be locked away somewhere. Sounds like he is really quite fair. From what you have been posting 42 sounds down right balmy.

I hope you get your tail light fixed soon. It can be pretty dangerous out there especially this time of year.

Here in South East Louisiana it is cool right now. Early this morning it was both foggy and icy. The last time I saw both was when I was living in Washington.

Have a great day everyone. I have to get busy. I am working another gingerbread house and I have orders from my grandkids for other things they want me to make. For those of you who didn't see those are things made out of plastic canvas.

My daughter and I are going to be baking my cream cheese cookies soon. We are going to make the key lime pie I came up with and we are going to try something a little different. My grandson suggested that sense they have a lot of fresh grapefruit juice maybe we can try a grapefruit pie. I will let you know how that turns out. Who knows it may really be something good.

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Bud, it sounds like you're having a heat wave. It was 41 here in Florida when I left for work this morning and the temperatures aren't going to get out of the low 60's today. It's supposed to be cool through Wednesday and then start to gradually warm up a little. Then, we're getting hit with another cold front next weekend. I guess El Nino helped keep the hurricanes away from us this year but, on the other hand, is going to bring some really chilly temperatures our way. But, if anything can help me get any Christmas spirit, it will be the chilly weather.

Like Lillian, I'm glad you had a nice police officer that chatted with you about your light. It's good that his shift was probably beginning and I'm sure being less than a week until Christmas didn't hurt. You be careful and fix that light soon, as there are way too many people that have no regard for people that ride bikes or walk.

I'm glad to report that all my shopping is finished and I have everything wrapped. Normally, I'm still wrapping at the last minute. I have most of my baking and candies done. I have to do some cleaning the next three nights after I get off work and I have to squeeze in some time for grocery shopping. I always have a Christmas Eve gathering for family and friends at my house. I always look forward to the nice, cozy feeling of having everyone together, under one roof. In 2002, after losing Dennis on the 15th, I managed to pull it together at the last minute and have family in on Christmas Eve....in Dennis' honor. Dennis absolutely LOVED Christmas. It was undoubtedly his favorite time of the year. He didn't get too excited about it early in December but the Christmas spirit usually hit him about mid-December. He loved to wait until the last minute (and I do mean last minute) to do his shopping. He was always the last one out of the mall on Christmas Eve. I have gotten some pretty different gifts from him some years, as the selection was slim at times. But, he loved to be out among the hustle and bustle of things.

I hope we can all remember what this time of year is really all about for each of us!!!


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Lillian....it sounds like you're having a great time with your family!!! I'm so sorry I forgot to comment on your post in my earlier post. I got all teared up talking about Dennis and hit the reply button too soon. Be sure and let us know how that grapefruit pie turns out!!! You may be on to something new there.

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Hi everyone,our driveway and sidewalk finally cleared today of snow and now we are in another blizzard watch until Christmas morning. I hope my son makes it home from Kansas before the freezing drizzle starts. He works for the railroad and has some oddball hours. I dont know what is more scary,driving in a bad summer storm or driving in a bad winter storm. I have kind of a storm phobia so I hate being caught out on the hiway in either one.

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Mike what does he do for the railroad?? always been fascinated by RR work! used to see the locomotives parked next to convenience store for coffee runs!!!

Lily sounds interesting but sadly grapefruit interferes with many meds so I have to avoid it for the few I do take!

Hey Ann If I send ya a check and a list what is the turnaround time on the sopping??? 2 dogs done six family members to go!!

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