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Auntie Aggie, My Mom's Sister


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Auntie Aggie went to heaven, to be with her Mom, Dad, and many brothers, sisters, and loved ones on December 23rd at 4:20 am.

She was VERY ready, and dismayed every time she woke up, for weeks on end. She had an amazing sense of humour, and was a wonderful woman, who gave my Mom so much support during my Mom's own diagnosis.

The irony of Aggie's stage 4 diagnosis after my Mom's stage 1, is a lot to bear.

Throughout this holiday season, my Mom and I have envisioned her sitting down to an amazing Christmas celebration with the family members she has missed so much. All of them free from pain and anguish, and together at last! It's a blessing in a way, because we could think of her there..and happy...instead of laying in her hospice bed, just waiting...

We will miss you Aggie, but I'm so glad that you are in the comfort of the arms of so many who love you!

All my love,

I feel you here with us,


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Linda, I'm sorry for your family's loss of your dear Aunt Aggie. But your post tenderly conveys how ready she was to be with the loved ones who had gone before her. She knows you and your Mom have each other. I hope the days to come pass gently for you.

Judy in Key West

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