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Lung Cancer Public Service announcement

Guest DaveG

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That is awsome, good job. Keep up the good work, maybe we will have other TV Stations do the same thing as channel 3 in your city. We just need to get the word out... "Happy New Year" We will be recognized and fighting for a cause that will have a "Cure" in "2004"...

Peace, Prayers and God Bless


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The people you saw in the Lung Cancer "spot" are the back bone of the Lung Cancer Support Group at the U of Wisc Comprehensive Cancer Center. The husband of the woman holding the picture, died the weekend before thanksgiving and it really took great courage for her to appear in the spot. He was the editor of Madison Magazine.

This spot will be run periodically, every day, through the next year. Chanel 3's philosophy is every day is a lung cancer day.. They have now had at least 4 members of their organization, die of lung cancer within the past 3-4 years. The older woman with the light geen turban is going into Hospice today, She is alone and has no blood relatives. I am going to ask the group for a commitment to help in any way possible when her time comes. It's just another example of the message we getting across - Lung Cancer is a very devastating disease with almost 200K diagnosis a year, and 159,000 deaths. The other side that we trying to express is hope. Knowing what is going on with most of the participants, trying to express hope was extremely difficult.

I highly suggest getting face-to-face support groups going in our individual areas. Find another person with lung cancer in your area and you have the start of a group. Locate a public meeting room, with no rental fee. Some suggestions are hosptals, clinics, American Cancer Society, or churchs. Locate a social worker who has an interest in lung cancer to facilitate to the group. By all means, the group should be upbeat and everyone should get a chance to talk.

I love all the members of Lung Cancer Survivors for Change, but nothing compares to the spiritual bonding that takes place in a face-to-face group.

Four of our members are on the "watch list" for the coming year. I am sorry to say, I am one of the four. We have a telephone network and call each other at least one a week. Many times, after our meeting, we will go out for lunch together.

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The spot is great! Katie, count me as one of the folks to start a local group, BUT - I have to finish school first. I'm just too overwhelmed right now with my new faculty role and finishing my dissertation. Add to that the possibility that my husband may get transferred to Australia. So it's a little chaotic right now in my life, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, fortunately. I know everyone is busy, so I promise not to use this excuse for long.

Thanks, Dave G, for your tireless advocacy! You're a gem!

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