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Marisa Update

Bruce u

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Marisa has asked me to update all of her friends on the site. She has been recovering very well since her surgery. Her mobility has returned and she is in good spirits.

She was scheduled to begin radiation treatments on Monday but rescheduled it until she had a chance to discuss everything with her Doctor. Following that meeting, Marisa has made the decision to not have radiation and to let things take it's natural course. I am sure that everyone will keep Marisa in our thoughts and prayers and support her through this journey. I will continue to update on her behalf.

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Muriel, Marisa is stage 4 and already had decided not to have chemo.

She had an operation to remove a tumor on her brain that was affecting her thought process, loss of speech, etc. Her Doctor did recommend radiation which she has now declined.

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It's a tough call Bruce. I always think of it as QOL vs pain and suffering. People in the onc field say the radiation is to alleviate/minimize pain. I know from someone in my cancer group, however, that isn't always the case. Every person has to choose for themselves but it is hard on the family when they choose no treatment.


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